Quest Kits

Watch this space as limited quantities of Quest Kits—physical magical delights you can receive in the mail—become available! Sign up…

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Journeys in Community

The magic begins in community! Every prompt, quest, musing, and course we develop happens in the Hollow first. Every journey…

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We’re converting many of our Journeys in Community to solo expeditions you can access right in your inbox! Every course…

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✨Shared Sparks...

  • Stephanie and Aimee are the most original creators of online experiences I have ever come across (and I’ve been playing with adventure and creativity online for many years!) They put their imaginations, creations along with much labor and love into an amazing and captivating place(s). Everything they put into it is just lovely. It’s unpretentious, it’s enlightening, inspiring and beautiful to look at and read.   ~ Pamela Pinskey-Fischer

    “Adventure & Creativity”
  • After stumbling into MFH I found a bit of myself starting to bud again: to come to life. My transformation is unfolding. Oh I am overwhelmed with the potential filling of my cup from this group – 🤷🏼‍♀️ like where does one learn this and find time? I am 60 years old and loving feeling like a kid. So much to learn. I am working to empty the “place where imagination can’t roam” so it can be reborn. ~ D.P.

    “Starting to Bud Again”
  • This online community helps me connect more deeply with my creativity and magic! It’s just so infused with amazing energy. All the techniques I did in my self-improvement journey had a complexity to them but here in Moon Feather Hollow it’s organic — you don’t have to do a tool or technique, you can just be in this space and you are receiving the benefit of this magical energy. The online platform is easy to navigate. The questions, prompts and articles bring the subjects of art and creativity to life! ~ Community Member

    “Infused with Amazing Energy”