Engage your senses. Invite your focus. Get Curious! Embark on a journey with kindreds the course portal via web browser…

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Wisdom Circle

$33 / month ↠ Our Wisdom Circle engages in the whimsey of play, the wonder of nature, and the wisdom…

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Enchanted Wilds

Be transported to a virtual landscape, a magical realm of moss covered rocks, whistling woods, ridges and ravines where you…

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Explore the Whimsical Path of Wisdom

We connect possibility seekers to their Dreamweaver nature with quests to explore imagination, distill magic and weave joy into daily life. What looks like play from the surface is really a much deeper journey into nature and ourselves. Dreams in the dark of winter emerge into wild spring. Summer wandering and exploration bring wonder in the liminal space of autumn. The whimsical spiraling path of this natural wisdom is the Dance of the Dreamweavers.

✨Shared Sparks...

  • Stephanie and Aimee are the most original creators of online experiences I have ever come across (and I’ve been playing with adventure and creativity online for many years!) They put their imaginations, creations along with much labor and love into an amazing and captivating place(s). Everything they put into it is just lovely. It’s unpretentious, it’s enlightening, inspiring and beautiful to look at and read.   ~ Pamela Pinskey-Fischer

    “Adventure & Creativity”
  • After stumbling into MFH I found a bit of myself starting to bud again: to come to life. My transformation is unfolding. Oh I am overwhelmed with the potential filling of my cup from this group – 🤷🏼‍♀️ like where does one learn this and find time? I am 60 years old and loving feeling like a kid. So much to learn. I am working to empty the “place where imagination can’t roam” so it can be reborn. ~ D.P.

    “Starting to Bud Again”
  • You help us connect with the younger, happier versions of ourselves.☺️I loved doing burned edges on stationery when I was a kid. It felt so good doing it again! (Why did I stop doing fun things just because I grew up?!?)😅 The Hollow map took my breath away…and stirred my imagination!🌟Thank you for creating this magical program and community!

    “Stirred My Imagination”