Aimee Zwaap & Stephanie Foley are life-artists from the east and west coast who’ve navigated mythical, imaginal, and magical realms. Their ventures revealed that art of living and enchanted life is the regular practice of suspending disbelief, connecting to something beyond what can be seen, feeding our wild nature and tuning into the natural wisdom of seasons & cycles. It became their mission to spark souls and magnetize creativity through community, courses and books that unlock the secrets of potential. Through the alchemy of personal exploration, we distill magic from the ashes of daily life. When we collectively conjure magical moments, weave dreams, fearlessly find the gold in every experience, this is how we transform ourselves and the world.



With a childhood spent exploring the outdoors on horseback, I developed a love for adventure. A talent in art led me to a career in product and furniture design, where I merged beauty and functionality. After helping film creatives bring their visions to life on the west coast, I returned to NY to align with my higher purpose, becoming an artist and teacher. Through upcycling vinyl records and leading unique retreats, I inspired people of all ages to unleash their creativity. Now I continue to uplift and inspire others to pursue their passions and explore new possibilities.


My roots in the wilderness along the shores of Lake Superior grounded me in nature while I explored the realm of my imagination. Deep in my soul, life’s magic was ever-present and joy was most easily found in wonder. Studying transpersonal psychology, math, and quantum physics naturally led me to metaphysical practices. As a teacher, author, entrepreneur, and community builder, I realized life is a synthesis of indigenous wisdom, imagination and multi-dimensionality. Weaving threads of ancient and modern practices I create unique experiences so explorers can navigate the realms of ideas and personal growth. My whimsical approach to wisdom and ever evolving art of creative joy alchemy inspires souls to express themselves creatively and embrace an enchanted life.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for your willingness to unearth your own personal soul sparks, and to ease into that magical state of flowing creativity. Know that for us, YOU are the magic ingredient. The spark that sends fire through our veins and pulls creativity from the ether through our fingers. You draw the very best from us and cause us to surprise ourselves as we continue to evolve before our eyes. You are the reason WE show up, and for that we will be forever grateful.