Spring Dreams of Summer

What did you love about spring and summer when you were a young wildling? Give yourself a moment to revel in any enchanted memories that come up while you peruse this list!

  • Playing in the river or swimming in the pool
  • Climbing trees and making forts
  • Running barefoot
  • Picking flowers, braiding them or making crowns
  • Playing tag or other yard games
  • Riding bikes
  • Gathering nature’s abundant ingredients for a witches brew or other creations
  • Digging in the sand, making mud pies for picnics with the faeries
  • Picking wild strawberries
  • Pretending to be in an enchanted forest and treasure hunting in the creek
  • Wandering in the woods and befriending critters
  • Bonfires, stargazing, camping out, and telling ghost stories
  • Chasing fireflies

What others came to mind? Which were your favorites? If you have an addition to our list, we’d love to hear it!

My yellow roses beckon me to embrace a joyful enchanted vibe. I love to hang my swinging chair from the branch just behind the roses and read or daydream as soon as the temperatures warm each year, and even on the hottest days it stays fairly cool in the shade of these trees, a maple and a rowan. Behind it, you’ll notice a shed – that’s my Imaginarium! This is what I’ve named my creative work play space. These joyful elements of my life have been the fruit of steady, small, conscious cultivation over time.

You are invited to cultivate joy! We believe it’s important to find joy in daily life, even in hard moments. How? By looking for the gold in every experience. It’s there. And your magic is the practice of unveiling it through creative alchemy. When you discover the gold in mundane or even difficult aspects of life, then you can resiliently get back to enjoying more of your daily life.

👣 Go barefoot. Seriously. Just take 5 minutes to put your bare feet onto some earth and wiggle your toes! Bonus points if you are at the beach!

🏞️ Sit outdoors. Read a magazine, have a cup of iced tea, or just look up at the clouds. 

🛝 Play something outside. Try a yard game, ride a bike, blow bubbles or swing on a swing. Throw a ball to a kid or a dog, or toss one straight up and then catch it!

These activities are intentionally short and uncomplicated. Do one per week for three weeks. Do something you loved to do as a kid. Cultivate joy, the world needs more of it. Lasting happiness is made up of small moments. Open up to the wonders around you.

Haunted Soiree

I attended a Haunted Soiree—an immersive theatrical production, combined with an old-school variety show, all dressed up as an upscale cocktail party, but with ghosts in attendance! I’m including a photo gallery to enjoy! It was such a fun time!!!

It was held in a historic mansion in Seattle which was built in 1925 as a replica of George Washington’s Mount Vernon home. The house is gorgeous with large open rooms, perfect for gathering. The hosts (an event company called fever) did an amazing job from decorations to actors to storyline. I attended with my husband Russ (you’ll see a picture of us together) and we have decided that we will be making this an annual tradition!

We spoke with each ghost to hear their unique backstory regarding a psychiatric facility in the 50’s. We had to solve murders with the evil doctor as one of many suspects. The characters were loosely based on real life inspirations, including the final days of Grigori Rasputin, the ancient god Veles and other Slavic folktales throughout the centuries. I was especially thrilled to see a mini-play on the stage set with Baba Yaga’s hut.

Are any of you fans of the tv series Umbrella Academy? I swear I met #1 Luther’s doppleganger at the party. No worries if you don’t know him, the key to the story is only that the guy is really tall! Anyway, we were waiting in line on a down direction stairway to get into the next séance session, and he was in front of me. My sense of humor leans a bit sarcastic so I said to him, “I’m taller than you.” (Because it appeared on the stairs that I was. You need to know I am barely over 5 feet tall.) He turns to look at me, quizzically, then straightens up! He had been leaning on the wall prior. “Oops, I guess not.” Then his girlfriend looks at me and busts up laughing as she points out that there are two stairs between us and he is still taller than me. I love people.

We had fun conversations like this with strangers all night long while (both physical and ghosts!) as we drank custom coctails with names like Eerie Eyeball Elixir, Ghoul’s Goblet or Sinister Cider Sipper. Musicians, magicians, and monsterous entertainment kept us enjoying suprises at every turn. The lifesize ouija board as well as the tarot room dividers were amazing!

What are you doing to celebrate halloween season?

Celebrating 52 Rotations Around the Sun!

My birthday is always a natural time to do a bit of reflection and planning. I pause to really notice the ways that I am dreaming my world into being. I remember how the cosmos is conspiring with me to make my dreams come true. I weave the threads of my deepest desires of mind, heart, body and soul into a vision. I hold strategies and tactical plans lightly, with the playfulness of whimsical wisdom. It’s Cosmic Dreamweaving.

Part of my birthday retreat is reviewing memories. I have the final installment of photos to share from our big road trip up the Oregon Coast. The other two photo galleries from that trip can be found here (Mt. Shasta & redwoods) and here (sea lions!). The gallery below includes beach scenes, sea caves, sand dunes and other shots too good not to share!

Entering the caves was both thrilling and profound in a way I can’t fully express. While I’ve been in many land caves before, this was my first experience with sea caves. Some ancient primal part of me felt so connected to the caves. Of course the reflection brought up Dreamwishes for more new experiences, profound explorations and family vacations in the moons ahead!

This year, as I celebrate the year passing and dream into my next spiral around the sun, I’m delighted to be using our Dreamoire of Moonlit Alchemy! This is quite literally a creation born of last year’s Cosmic Dreamweaving as you can see in the photo below. That vision card displaying “Moonlit Alchemy” is from last year, and that dreamwish took physical form as the two published guided journals also pictured! One dated is for 2024, the other is undated for those of us who do not conform to the Gregorian calendar in every aspect of our lives. 😉

I know I am biased, having co-created it, but it includes everything I love for reflection and planning. It’s a place to capture key memories, magical moments, connect with myself for each moon phase throughout the year. Then as retreat annually or quarterly, I have a concise highlights for reflection and planning. It made this year’s birthday retreat extra magical!

Another Dreamwish for the coming moons is to expand upon the prompts in the journal, stir the most magical visioning practices we’ve found into the quantum cauldron to create a new experience in Cosmic Dreamweaving that we can share with every Wonder Weaver on the planet who has interest.

Do you have a reflection and planning process that works for you? We’d love to hear about it!