Compass of Creative Magic

The Compass of Creative Magic is a guide for tuning into our energy and determining our creative direction for the day. We all need more “permission slips” allowing us to follow the ebb and flow of our energy levels, the needs of our soul, and our creative sparks. In any journey, we may change direction several times to stay on our path.

Note that the root word of journey is “jour,” which means day. So, in each day, if we allow ourselves, we can move and change course by choosing the most appealing direction at each transition point throughout the day. Let’s stay playful and experiment with different techniques, always pursuing what sparks us and flows with ease.

How to Use the Compass of Creative Magic

This compass has four directions just like on a map! Each direction becomes a cornerstone of assocations with solar seasons, lunar cycles, the four elements and the creative process. The elemental associations of air, fire, water and earth can be such a powerful source of both creative direction, connection to your environment, and emotional & energy level assessment.

  • Stir with Ideas: Simply notice things and events in your environment. Pause and try to decipher or intuit any meaning to them in your mind, your thoughts. You are stirring the quantum cauldron which opens you up to signs, symbols and synchronicities. Just pausing to play detective is a powerful momentum maker! Your headed East, in the element of air, and the energy of a fresh start, the just waxing crescent moon, and sunrise.
  • Conjure with Magic: There is powerful alchemy in taking action. Follow your creative sparks! Get out the supplies, go outside, get your hands dirty, make a mess. Your heading South, in the element of fire and the energy of play, a moon getting full, and mid-day.
  • Celebrate by Sharing: Activate the magnetic power of the collective! Harness the spirit of celebration, collaborate, get feedback and expand as as you head West in the element of water, the energy of harvest the full, then waning moon, and afternoon.
  • Dive Deeper for Integration: Ask a questions for clarity and notice patterns within. Get creative by drawing, painting or pulling from magazines to capture your intuition, or work with sigils, talismans, or journalcrafting or oracle cards to dive deeper with messages! Anchor into your wisdom. By diving deeper you are heading North, grounding into the element of earth, and the energy of reflection, rest and recovery. The moon grows dark and nature pauses before beginning again. It’s dusk embracing the liminality of night. Just be.

The Compass of Creative Magic is part of a system of Navigational Magic that connects the compass rose to the wheel of the year. Just as there are four cardinal directions and four distinct seasons, there are also transitional phases in between. The patterns are are such helpful metaphors for humans to understand the nature of life. We are wildlings in the spring, wanderlings in the summer, wonderlings in the autumn and wiselings in the winter of our life spans. Mother Nature’s wisdom—the cycles of sun and moon, our beloved soleil and la lune—can be so easily accessed by attending to the four directions.

Mini-Quest: Exploring Direction!

Get outside and look or walk in any direction that appeals to you. Do you know what direction that is? If you don’t, do you have a hunch about it? Just listen to your intuition for a moment.

Make a one quarter turn and repeat this exercise a total of four times. You could have repeat messages or four different messages from our intuition. The messages can be as simple as a plant, color, words on a sign, or whisper from your heart.

Any time you wish you can stop in your tracks and try the following compass practice. Even if you don’t know the directions, you can look up or down or simply within. It’s all relative anyway.

🧭 Look North (associated with the element earth)—ask to be grounded.
🧭 Look East (air)—ask to lighten up.
🧭 Look South (fire)—ask for continued inspiration.
🧭 Look West (water)—ask for flow. 

Navigational magic is perennial wisdom—how a new moon has the same essence as a sunrise and the spring season. The eight phases of the lunar cycle reflect the 8 markers in the wheel of the year. Just as the sun rises in the east to set in the west, the moon waxes and wanes.

With over 150 variations from North America, Inca, Peruvian, Celtic, and Hopi indigenous peoples, the directional wheel has represented aspects of humanity and the natural world for centuries. It helps communicate unseen aspects of our existence. Based on the directions, it holds an essence of the rhythm of life. Just as our ancestors did, we, too, gain understanding by observing nature. Everything happens in a circle. The context changes depending on which hemisphere or culture in which you live, but the rhythm follows a natural cycle.

Every understanding is really a directional sense influenced by the point of perspective. In this practice of awareness, we master the navigational magic that can happen when aligning with the energies of the moon and planets in a daily, weekly and seasonal way. If this fascinates you, our course in Navigational Magic is a playful adventure in these concepts lead by a dragon on a secret island. What looks like whimsey from the surface is really a much deeper journey into our own elemental nature. As we spiral into new levels of experience, we anchor into our embodiment of wonder & wisdom, deepening the joy in our daily lives.

Spring Dreams of Summer

What did you love about spring and summer when you were a young wildling? Give yourself a moment to revel in any enchanted memories that come up while you peruse this list!

  • Playing in the river or swimming in the pool
  • Climbing trees and making forts
  • Running barefoot
  • Picking flowers, braiding them or making crowns
  • Playing tag or other yard games
  • Riding bikes
  • Gathering nature’s abundant ingredients for a witches brew or other creations
  • Digging in the sand, making mud pies for picnics with the faeries
  • Picking wild strawberries
  • Pretending to be in an enchanted forest and treasure hunting in the creek
  • Wandering in the woods and befriending critters
  • Bonfires, stargazing, camping out, and telling ghost stories
  • Chasing fireflies

What others came to mind? Which were your favorites? If you have an addition to our list, we’d love to hear it!

My yellow roses beckon me to embrace a joyful enchanted vibe. I love to hang my swinging chair from the branch just behind the roses and read or daydream as soon as the temperatures warm each year, and even on the hottest days it stays fairly cool in the shade of these trees, a maple and a rowan. Behind it, you’ll notice a shed – that’s my Imaginarium! This is what I’ve named my creative work play space. These joyful elements of my life have been the fruit of steady, small, conscious cultivation over time.

You are invited to cultivate joy! We believe it’s important to find joy in daily life, even in hard moments. How? By looking for the gold in every experience. It’s there. And your magic is the practice of unveiling it through creative alchemy. When you discover the gold in mundane or even difficult aspects of life, then you can resiliently get back to enjoying more of your daily life.

👣 Go barefoot. Seriously. Just take 5 minutes to put your bare feet onto some earth and wiggle your toes! Bonus points if you are at the beach!

🏞️ Sit outdoors. Read a magazine, have a cup of iced tea, or just look up at the clouds. 

🛝 Play something outside. Try a yard game, ride a bike, blow bubbles or swing on a swing. Throw a ball to a kid or a dog, or toss one straight up and then catch it!

These activities are intentionally short and uncomplicated. Do one per week for three weeks. Do something you loved to do as a kid. Cultivate joy, the world needs more of it. Lasting happiness is made up of small moments. Open up to the wonders around you.

Effervescent Heart Sparkle Quest

Check in with your heart. How does winter’s reign feel to you? Like a cozy embrace with a slow pace? If not, is that something that sounds like relief to you? Do you need a permission slip to simplify and create a bit more breathing room into your life? Where can you add a bit more white space? Is there any way to give yourself a bit bigger margins in your plans?

The winter sun is slowly growing the length of our days in the northern hemisphere. Mother nature is resting externally, and stirring the very force of creation internally. Spring is in the belly of winter. In any given moment you may feel like savoring your winter pursuits, or find yourself delicately conjuring dreams of spring in your imagination. Just as life is stirring deep within the earth, we may be just beginning to feel whisps of excitement about projects and ideas…

It’s exactly as mother nature intended. She inspires us to feel a bit of both… soothed by the white space of sparkling snow, AND activated by wishes for the coming spring. In honor of these vibes, as well as February’s focus on heart, we’ve a quest for you!

Effervescent Heart Sparkle Quest!

Recall a time when you’ve seen the snow or a body of water appear as dancing diamonds by a magical play of light. The play of light can take an ordinary scene and bring it to life with such vibrant effervescence!

Next, think about the other meaning of “light” as in “light-hearted” or the opposite of weighed down.

Now, play with this kind of light in your own life to see if it can bring about some shift in your sense of spaciousness, heart expansion and magic. In other words, play with lightening up until you feel effervescent heart sparkles!

Arranging our daily lives with the seasons and cycles (instead of only linear planning) makes today’s creative sparks “in the belly” become the fire of activation in the next season. It’s nature’s creative alchemy. Our own creative cycles mirror that of nature—seed, sprout, growth, bloom, harvest, and rest.

There still time for slower living in the weeks ahead while our minds are cultivating winter dreams, and heartwish seeds are stirring deep in our psyches. The shift in the season inspires shifted focus, a deeper appreciation of liminal qualities, and a sense of anticipation. The wheel of the year turns, and we find ourselves feeling the urges of both winter and spring at any point in our days.

Enjoy the contrast of full-on snuggle mode with occassional a stirrings of motivation. Perhaps the dust bunnies are calling? The lengthening daylight may begin to show you things needing attention, but you have permission to take it slow. Winter is loosening its grip. Your heart’s desires are beginning to effervesce!

We’d love to read your comments if you try the quest or if you notice any extra magic sparkles!

Dance of the Dreamweavers

The dance of the Sun and the Moon is a mesmerizing and enchanting display of spiraling cosmic beauty infusing magic into our lives. As the Sun rises in the east, it illuminates the world with its warm and radiant light, casting long shadows and creating a feeling of energy and vitality. The Moon, on the other hand, rises in the evening sky, casting a soft and serene glow over the land, signaling the time for reflection and introspection.

These cycles are the most ancient systems that guide the daily rhythms of life. And, Sun and Moon are the most amazing Muses to inspire us if we let them! Each cycle is marked by its own unique qualities and sensations, creating a metaphor for the cycles of life. From the bright and fiery intensity of summer to the deep introspection of winter, each season offers its own tone, flavor and aesthetic for creatives. What could it look or feel like to be inspired by whatever season you are in right now? Remember, our external and internal seasons do not always sync up!

Our own winter dreaming is inspiring so many ideas and projects for the seasons to come! Our creative sparks for courses, quests and even more tangible ways to weave joy are in the works! Our focus continues to be on the magic we can distill from our daily lives, from finding the gold in even the hardest parts of this human experience. We’ve been tuning into our hearts for clarity and direction, and listening to the team of cosmic helpers that come in the form of signs, symbols and synchronicity. It’s a time of deep listening for us. And contemplation…

As we spin around the sun (at 67,000 mph!) and our galaxy spirals through space (at 1.3 million mph!!) the cycles of nature influence our daily lives in countless ways. They guide our physical, emotional, and spiritual dreamweaving, providing us with the rhythm and structure we need to thrive. They teach us the importance of balance and harmony, reminding us that life is a constant dance between action and reflection, light and shadow.

Musing along with Sun and Moon, we experience the magic and wonder of the natural world. With all of our senses, we witness the power of transformation and renewal as the cycles of nature unfold. Earth’s rest in winter is a germination period from which sprouts of spring emerge. The beauty and bounty of summer is harvested and celebrated in autumn and we are nourished and prepared for winter once again. We are reminded of the wisdom and intuition that lies within us, and the importance of tuning in to our inner voice. It is the dance of the dreamweavers.

Our beloved moon is deeply associated with our emotions which makes it a powerful muse to help us set our intentions of focus each cycle. When we set an intention – call out a specific desire, set a focus, we are quite literally dishing up our serving of creativity from the quantum cauldron. Imagine the big dipper in the sky as your ladle. Trust the cosmos to offer support & guidance in the form of navigational magic!

As we dance with the Sun and the Moon, we are invited to explore the cycles of life and our own human development. We are encouraged to embrace the lessons and opportunities that each cycle offers, and to use these experiences as a foundation for growth and transformation. The dance of the dreamweaver is a constant reminder of the beauty and power of the natural world, and the wisdom that lies within us all.

How do you tap into seasonal musings? What season are you in?

Wherever we find ourselves… simply begin where and when we are, then gently spiral forward! We love sharing the dance with you, and hope to help you listen to your muses along the way! We’ll spiral around again and again, ever expanding.

Remember, there is no behind, no catching up, we just keep spiraling forward.

Winter Wonders

Enjoying the magic of the world blanketed in white!

And experiencing it all again through the eyes of a Wildling.

Our wee snowman Frosty! 😆

Noticing textures and shapes. Watching snow melt on our fingers.

And making ice cream with snow, cacao and maple syrup!

It’s brought back childhood nostalgia for the excitement of snow days, when normal life gets paused and you immerse yourself in the wonders of the present.

Wishing you all slow moments woven among the busyness of the season to simply savor.

🦉What is Owl Alchemy?

What do the words “Owl” and “Alchemy” conjure up for you? Musing on these words can be a profound contemplation. It’s also the name of our late autumn moon cycle, with perfect symbolism for this time of the year.

Owls, often associated with wisdom and mystery, have long held a mystical allure in various cultural and mythological contexts. In the realm of alchemy, these nocturnal creatures are sometimes regarded as symbolic messengers, bridging the gap between the known and the unknown. Their keen senses and silent flight contribute to an air of enigma, mirroring the alchemist’s quest for hidden truths and transformative processes.

In alchemical symbolism, owls are sometimes linked to the concept of inner knowing and the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment. This has long been another interpretation of the alchemist’s journey—not just turning lead to gold—but to transmute base elements into higher forms of understanding. The owl’s presence in alchemical imagery adds a touch of magic and intuition to the symbolism, embodying the pursuit of esoteric knowledge and the transcendent mysteries of the alchemical arts!

And so, in true Moon Feather Hollow form, straight from the muses themselves, we have a story to illustrate these ideas into something more whimsical that can be more easily applied to daily life!

In the truest spirit of Owl Alchemy, we invite you to create something and post it to social media or send it to someone through the mail to express your creative self AND to brighten someone else’s day!

Of course, we’d love to see it, so tag it #MoonRingCrafting Collective and/or email it to us at If you are feeling extra playful, and inspired by the feathered muse Rumi, send us an image what YOUR owl looks like, tell us it’s name. We’ll make space for it in the Owlery. 😉