Just check in with yourself right now.

“Am I motivated and energized, or feeling stuck and discouraged?”

Every goal-setting, manifestation and dream chasing practice you’ve applied in your life has helped you. Whether you’ve reached every milestone or learned more about yourself in the attempt, you are now in a better place to sense what really works for you. Is your current collection of strategies the right mix?

Try adding Imaginalchemy to your repertoire! (pronounced “imagine-alchemy”)

It’s the process of using our imagination to create an alchemical shift within ourselves. It can help us to dream big, to locate untapped potential, to find and follow our passions and to gain bigger perspectives. Inspiring imagery, tips and techniques, plus audio augment your current practices with the kinds of transformative results you’d expect from alchemy!

The primordial myth of the cosmic egg can be found in various cultures throughout history. It is a metaphorical description of the creation of the universe or the origin of life, in which the universe is believed to have originated from a primordial egg. In this concept, the egg is often described as an all-encompassing container that contains the potential for creation and existence. The egg may represent the source of all energy, matter, and consciousness, and it is believed to be the beginning of everything that exists.

We add WONDER into the alchemical process because engaging our sense of wonder is a powerful tool for invoking possibility. As it opens up our minds to new and unexplored ideas and perspectives, we can tap into our innate creativity and come up with new and innovative solutions to problems and overcome limiting beliefs and perceptions that may be holding us back. We can sense that the world is much more complex and mysterious than we had previously thought

In the Cosmic Wonder Eggs Quest, you’ll identify, and activate your current Dreamwishes then nurture their incubation. Throughout the five-part email series, you will encounter multi-media approaches to engage your senses and inspire your creativity. It can be as simple or as involved as you wish. We’ll prompt you to enter the creative flow through your crafting choices (journal, collage, paint, etc.) and via coloring meditations. We weave together brainstorming strategies, coloring pages, poetry, a guided audio journey and a video tutorial all for $22. Go beyond your expectations to explore your dreams and wishes and push the boundaries of what you thought was possible for your own life!

↠ Engage your sense of wonder to hatch your most beloved plans!

↠ Practice powerful tools for invoking possibility.

↠ Open up your mind to the beauty, complexity, and mystery of the world around you.

↠ Consider that the cosmos might conspire with you to make your dreams come true!

Would you like to embark upon a four-week quest to identify and incubate your dreamwishes?