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  • Access joy, excitement, passion and curiosity in daily life.

Cultivate an ability to find joy in daily life, even in hard moments. How? By looking for the gold in every experience. It’s there. And your magic is the practice of unveiling it through creative alchemy. When you practice the discovery of gold in mundane or even difficult aspects of life, then you can resiliently get back to enjoying more of your daily life.

Harness the potential inherent to the primordial myth of the cosmic egg! Add WONDER into the alchemical process because engaging our sense of wonder is a powerful tool for invoking possibility. Activate your current dreams then nurture their incubation throughout this five-part email series. Multi-media approaches will engage your senses and inspire your creativity. Go beyond your expectations to explore your dreams and wishes and push the boundaries of what you thought was possible for your own life!

Tune into your sense of belonging in this vast tapestry of life! A one-time box of everything you need to try the ancient practice of divining oracles is delivered to your mailbox to delight you one moment, then help you curate your own magic which will spill forth into the time ahead. Weaving the magical surprise and tactile sensations of a subscription box with the gentle structure of a step-by-step course in divination techniques, the Epiphany Oracle is a deeply immersive self-care experience, something precious and mysterious and even a little adventurous. 

The Fae love to collect magical moments in jars, the same way kids catch fireflies. Fireflies remind us that it’s the small, simple things in life that matter the most. The Fae reveal their secrets of living well long forgotten by humans—a dozen pathways to magical moments. Capture the sound of laughter, the way the stars shimmer on a moonless night and the feeling of a warm breeze on a summer day. These moments are too precious to be lost to the passage of time, and so let’s collect them all!

Magic in your mailbox to inspire you! Open this parcel and find FOUR bundles inside. The first beckons you to adorn your alter with a new treasure. Be delighted with Seasonal Faery Celebrations and themed ephemera. Then, three more bundles can be savored throughout three moons of the season. Let your inner child run wild as you explore the wonders of each surprise.

Mundimancy is the art of divination that allows us to listen to the anima mundi, or world soul, that speaks to us through a web of signs, symbols, and synchronicities. It is a playful and intuitive way of becoming present and attuned to the dynamic range of sources for divination and decode them in our daily lives. Life is more joyful when we believe that the universe is conspiring on our behalf, sending us a steady stream of signs, symbols, and synchronicities to guide us into alignment with our highest versions of ourselves.

A map, hidden treasure, a dragon, and a moonlit enchanted forest… do these stir your imagination? You will spiral your way around Isla Mystère engaging with the elements, the cycle of the moon, the energy of Feng Shui and so much more.

Harness the power of aligning with the moon phases, the seasons, directions and elements to consciously infuse joy into your every day life. Learn how to tap into your own navigational magic as a way to chart your course to joy! 

Design, create and infuse pixie besoms with magic!

Spellcrafting course via email or app. Make pixie-sized brooms, forage for supplies, craft them, then infuse them with the magical correspondences of plants, crystals, colors, and essential oils. Make them as gifts, change them for different seasons & package them for special delivery!

Spiral through past, present & future with the Major Arcana! Key word associations, insightful quotes and interpretations will help you learn to recognize the archetypes as reflections of your own personal stories—the plots, twists, and meaning we experience in our unfolding. Journey via email or app. Apply to layers of your life—the material experience, the magic within and the mystery beyond!