Dreamoire of Wings & Whispers Wild Circle – Mar 20 to May 29

We’re crafting journals that flow from our souls! We embrace spring’s whimsey and wild urgings. Honoring the distinct nature of each season we bring awareness to our shifts in energy and self-care. 

Journalcrafting with the Muses allows deep exploration of signs, symbols, and synchronicity—of ideas taking shape. We call our seasonal muse journals “Dreamoires” because like a Grimoire they hold our magic but they are so much more! They also hold and shape our dreams!

Dreamoires are a cauldron for exploring boundaries and shape-shifting our current reality into one we desire.

Our journal crafting combines every kind of journaling you can imagine—art, bullet, writing, junk, gratitude, planning, and scrap-booking. We channel the muses through nature, books, writing, oracle cards, and seasonal living. Art forms may include poetry, collage, paint, writing, zen doodle, answering prompts, gluing in pictures,mandalas, and creativity quests… it all counts! 

Journal Jewels are also offered – pages we design that you can print out and engage with in your Dreamoire of Wings & Whispers. We even use treasure boxes for things too 3D for our journals!  

We’re making magic and making up words like syllofae & portofae, spiral sparkweaving, and imaginalchemy! We play with the muses as we know wisdom comes through following the path of whimsey & wonder.

Explore the archetypes of Jade Rabbit, Goddess Epona & the Enso symbol. Play with cosmic eggs, wonder gazing, tasseomancy, mystery moon sigils and have a pixie picnic. We’ll tend to our selves, unlock the pixie paradox and find joy in the mundane daily actions that magnetize our vitality…and so much more…

We will be curating powerful small doses so you can engage in a way that is doable for you. Any references we use, be they beautiful books, videos, web links and other resources guiding our journey are not required to buy or read.  Of course you may desire to go in depth so links are always provided. We’ll use a variety of resources as inspiration, but the only content you really need is within your own soul. 

This Journey is part of the Wisdom Subscription, the everything membership.

*Monthly membership subscriptions begin on the day of the month of purchase. Recurring payments can be canceled any time, and will be discontinued at the end of the cycle in which the cancelation was made.