An Oracle Has Arrived…it is YOU!

Combining the ancient practices of divining oracles from nature and of forcasting* during special days of the year, we’ve created something new: the Epiphany Oracle.

Weaving the magical surprise and tactile sensations of a subscription box with the gentle structure of a step-by-step course in divination techniques, the Epiphany Oracle is a deeply immersive self-care experience. It can delight you one moment, then help you curate your own magic which will spill forth into the time ahead. 

What exactly is it?

13 envelopes plus a few delightful surprises! Inside each envelope, you will find an omen-seeking prompt, an oracle card, a tangible object chosen to engage your senses, and a few bits of ephemera. The sensory awareness prompts are a little different in each envelope to help you build a skill set as you watch for your very own signs, symbols and synchronicities, which relate to the time frame of your choosing. Watch, listen, and attend to your intuition! Notice what catches your attention, especially if it is unusual in any way. Approach it with a sense of curiosity and play. Anything that feels like an insight or a message is for you, and it will perfectly inform you. The oracle card might be the omen for the day, or it might add to the meaning of the message you receive from your environment.
Every kit is different, and every prompt will bring a different message for everyone. So while there may be similarities in contents, no two are identical.

What Does Participation Look Like?

Our Epiphany Oracle Quest Kit has a soft vibe of flexibility and ease. If you would like to participate, we will send a bundle of magic to you in the mail. The 13 envelopes can be opened for 13 days in a row or spread out over time to recieve omens for the moons ahead. If life is busy and full, simply open one envelope every time the moon turns new or whenever you need an omen. You set the pace to fit the space for it in your life, not as an addition to your to-do list.
As you watch for your very own omens, a shift in perceptions happens and you open yourself up to personal epiphanies. According to Miriam-Webster, epiphany means: a revealing scene or moment, an intuitive grasp of reality, an illuminating discovery, realization, or disclosure.

While the little suprises, bits of ephemera, and an item to invoke your senses are fun, they may also hold clues to that envelope’s omen. The attention and awareness that arises as you watch for an oracle—a message just for you reminds you that you matter, and that you belong in the world. You are connected to something beyond what can be seen. 

Everything is conspiring to show you
what heaven and earth want to happen.
When you think
your way is lost,
when there are mountains of glass
and concrete between you and your dreams,
the ones who move beyond the curtain
of our consensual hallucinations
and speak as the wind in the trees
as the call of a bird, as the bark of a fox,
will open ways where you least expect them.
All you need are new ears and fresh eyes.
~Robert Moss

You do so much to create magic for others. The Epiphany Oracle is a gift designed to help you better know yourself and tune into your sense of belonging in this vast tapestry of life. It’s something for you that is precious and mysterious and even a little adventurous. 

Recipients overwhelmed us with amazing feedback! There’s more than envelopes in the box, but let’s let that be a surprise! Every box is infused with good mojo as each piece is lovingly nestled in the package with the recipient in mind.

Are you ready to be your own oracle?

Watch for omens and synchronicity to give yourself insight into the moon or sun cycles to come. The intuitive part of you is ready to bring you illumination and inspiration for the time ahead. Listen for her whispers and nudges. She is an ethereal aspect of yourself who is subtle and kind, playful and perceptive, creative and a bit coy. She will reveal what you need to hear. Don’t worry if you miss one of her messages, as she is endlessly abundant and will provide another, and another. Her medium for communicating is all around you, but she loves nature and surprises. Her voice will come from within, so relax into the mystery of your intuition, as that is her deepest gift.

$65. Free shipping. Hand-curated boxes ship within 10 days of order.

*We were inspired by the Medieval tradition of forecasting “Omen Days” and the art of Kairomancy we learned from Sidewalk Oracles by Robert Moss. (Bolded words are link if you want to learn more about either.)

“…calendars throughout the world end at different times, they are special because they are considered to be ‘the days out of time.’  It is in this interval between the ordinary count of days that gods are born or conceived in many different mythologies.”

~Caitlín Matthews