Fayette Aurèlie and her wee golden owl, Lyric, have set up shop in Moon Feather Hollow!

Her crafting studio, Fayette’s Atelier, is nestled into the mountainside between peaks overlooking tree tops and the expanse of the Hollow’s enchanted wilds. Within, Fayette fastidiously documents her time traveling escapades. She is inviting us to travel along in her time machine!

From an antique desk in my Atelier, my beloved crafting studio, I have discovered a secret storage compartment, bursting with ephemera from journeys traveled. Swimming with untold stories and mystérieuse magique, it simply demands to be shared with each of you. What mysteries will unfurl as we begin an adventure together through time and space, while weaving it’s magique into our Dreamoire de Voyage?! Our story begins in Villefranche, where I, Fayette Auralie, grew up as a wee Fae. When, you may wonder? Well let’s just say I am far older than I look…

Join this globe trotting adventure through time and space with Fayette Aurèlie, a fashionista-art aficionado-explorer. This spring we’ll tour her native country of France, by tapping into Imaginalchemy—using our imagination and senses to activate a creative alchemy of synthesized experience! From the comfort of our imaginations, Fayette will introduce us to various artists including the premier fashion designer of faerie couture and a creator of steampunk fantasy. We’ll bask in lavender fields, romance our soul in Paris, journey into impressionist art, savor Parisian pastries and explore turquoise caves. Then we’ll journal-craft with ephemera to integrate our experiences. The first 20 people to join Fayette will receive a kit in the mail!

No worries if kits run out, Fayette has digital pieces to share as well as clever ways to use everyday items that cross your path. We’ll be collecting ephemera and esoteric insight from our travels—to weave  into our Dreamoires—to layer our hopes and dreams with sparks of delight. As we journey through time and space, we’re opening to possibilities that ultimately feed our own unique Dreamwishes. Our experience becomes a beacon of enchantment, magnetizing creative momentum by swirling heart desires with sparks of inspiration. A retro-futuristic map to follow spiraling synchronicities that attune us to nature’s divinity.

Around the World with a Time Traveling Fae

Fayette’s Guided Journey is bundled with the Hollow’s Seasonal Dreamoire Courses as part of a monthly subscription membership to the Isle of Wisdom. The Dreamoire of Wings & Whispers includes several journal-crafting prompts per week throughout the Spring Season. Fayette’s Guided Journey adds to the adventure with a handful of high adventure time-travels throughout Spring. This adventure is currently ONLY available through the Isle of Wisdom.

This Journey is part of the Wisdom Subscription, the everything membership.

Monthly membership subscriptions begin on the day of the month of purchase. Recurring payments can be canceled any time, and will be discontinued at the end of the cycle in which the cancelation was made.

Spark Successes!

Oooooh, this is sooooo delightful!!! Wow!!! OMG! A portal swirling out bits of ephemera!!! I have goosebumps. “Eeeee!” I have squeal-level excitement over this—it’s so fun! The little bits to collage! A sweet little curiosity quest. So much fun!!! ~S.F.