Flip Flops & Finding Gold

How do you make value from a beach full of washed up flip flops? How do you stay afloat amidst the strong currents of doom and gloom? I’m musing on finding gold again. This time inspired by a few specific people I talk about in this video. One is a member of Moon Feather Hollow, and the other is the guy who was inspired by flip flops to innovate them. 😆

I’m also reading David Pearl’s book: Wanderful. He donates proceeds to his movement called Street Wisdom. It values imagination, innovation, and wandering and reinforces the belief that we are part of a quantum fabric, that the cosmos has messages for us everywhere when we listen as a practice.

Street Wisdom is an everyday creative practice you use as you walk. A smart fusion of mindfulness, neuroscience, wellness and imagination, it unlocks our minds and unblocks our creativity with every step.

Wanderful shows us how to fire up our innate internal guidance system, get off the straight & narrow and find wonder in the everyday. Every-day. 


I’ve never listened to podcasts until I found his. Perhaps I will try a few more since this one is giving me such a wonderful experience. He ends each podcast with an activity to engage in while we wander. If you are curious, you can listen to the podcast HERE or on podbean.

Ben Morison is the guest on the Feb 22, 2022 episode and you can learn more about the FlipFlopi project HERE.

What are the flip flops in our lives that we can innovate? Ponder, wander, and wonder…

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