Going Bananas

When you’ve looked EVERYWHERE for Monkey only to wake up and find this scene in the banana cabinet…! 🤣🤣 Of course (facepalm), why didn’t we check the banana stash?!

Lately this little bugger has been going everywhere with us – monkey this, monkey that… reading books, playing ball, in the swing, going potty, drawing pictures. Luckily Juniper can also be pretty persuasive and (sometimes) can convince Luna to do something she otherwise wouldn’t do. 

I had a similar monkey when I was young. I felt like I was have a moment of re-living my childhood, only to realize I’ve actually played with and animated this monkey WAY more than I ever did when I was young. (At least it feels that way!) 🤣

In what ways have you/are you re-living your childhood?