Home Sweet Home

There is nothing like being away to make coming home so very sweet! We ended up exploring parts of Florida from January to May, and for now at least, the snowbirding lifestyle in our little camper van definitely suits us. Both Luna and I made some lasting friendships that have us eager to visit again, but for now we are savoring the sweetness of unlimited grandma time, expansive space to spread out, and the tranquility of being immersed in nature. So far we have discovered a field of purple flowers and turtles nesting. We’re watching baby birds grow daily in the flower box attached to our playhouse and finding prospective knots in trees to paint fairy doors.

I’m marveling at Luna’s growth and understanding. Her use of language makes me laugh daily as I see her world reflected back to me. Together, we’re discovering treasures everywhere. I know parents can relate to the magic of this age, and I see how this time slips by so very fast, so I’m being present and savoring moments as best I can. 

We’re also loving having access to all of “our” crafting supplies! Luna inspires, while Stephanie and I vision new creative journeys for the upcoming Season of Bloom & Balefire. Moon Feather Hollow continues to stoke and satisfy my creative desires and I’ll be forever grateful for those who trust and value this journey with us!

2 Replies to “Home Sweet Home”

  1. Aimee it is so good to watch your soul and adventures! I am starting to let myself just breath and take in what’s around me. Life is always better when you take it in while watching your little ones.

    1. I do agree I can no longer imagine my life without her! It’s so good to hear from you!

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