The magic begins in community! Every prompt, quest, musing, and course we develop happens in the Hollow first.

Every journey is designed to help you:

  • Connect with kindred souls.
  • Access exclusive content.
  • Ignite sparks of inspiration.
  • Activate creative momentum.
  • Tune into to nature, seasons and cycles.
  • Access joy, excitement, passion and curiosity in daily life.

Cultivate an ability to find joy in daily life, even in hard moments. How? By looking for the gold in every experience. It’s there. And your magic is the practice of unveiling it through creative alchemy. When you practice the discovery of gold in mundane or even difficult aspects of life, then you can resiliently get back to enjoying more of your daily life.

We’re reinvented the art of journaling & scrap-booking, reshaping self-growth practices and innovating the use of oracle cards through focused forays of varying lengths.

Journalcrafting allows deep exploration of signs, symbols, and synchronicity—of ideas taking shape. We call our seasonal muse journals “Dreamoires” because like a Grimoire they hold our magic but they are so much more! They also hold and shape our dreams!

Design, create and infuse pixie besoms with magic! In a creative cycle we’ll envision them, forage for supplies, craft and infuse plants, crystals, color, essential oils and spellcrafting. Make them as gifts, change them for different seasons, & package them for special delivery!

Spiraling through past, present & future with the Major Arcana! Lady Isabella (the shapeshifting cat & teahouse proprietor) prompts you to ponder each of the major arcana tarot cards with 9 different artistic representations, key word associations, and insightful quotes and interpretations. Learn to recognize the archetypes as reflections of your own personal stories—the plots, twists, and meaning we experience in our unfolding. Look at each through the lens of past, present and future. Then go more deeply—applying the archetype to various layers of your life. Spiral through pure potentiality into the material experience, the magic within and the mystery beyond!

A globe trotting adventure through time and space with Fayette Aurèlie, a fashionista-art aficionado-explorer. Tour her native country of France, bask in lavender fields, journey into impressionist art, and savor Parisian pastries—all from the comfort of our imaginations.

Your key to Mystic Raven Secret Garden & Apothecary! Step inside to journey with bountiful botanicals through the wheel of the year! Tune into plant guidance, forage, draw and create in our Wildcraft Wonder-logs. Proposed and decided upon by you – our Wild Circle of Naturalists, we co-create and share inspiration, wisdom, recipes, techniques and more! Only accessible via Isles of Wonder & Wisdom.

The Lunar Society is a community project—handmade art correspondence! With Moon as muse, we vote on a name each cycle. We create magical mail art inspired by our moon name and infuse it with hidden new moon intentions to be magnified by recipients, Together we weave a web of magic through tangible mail art! Entry via Isles of Whimsey, Wonder & Wisdom.

There is power in crafting in community! Let’s inspire and encourage each other as we dive into our craft supplies to create and explore our creativity. You can bring your works in progress, start something new, or paint a Reverie River Rock inspired by the Hollow’s moon name each month. Social crafting and occasional instruction via zoom. Entry via Isles of Whimsey, Wonder & Wisdom.

Our Wildwood Secret Society meets once each lunar cycle in a magical space nestled among the trees at the base of a stone cliff. Lady Isabella’s Shimmerbrook Chateau is an enchanting tea house. She is sharing her wisdom of the oracular arts through articles & resources. Come sip tea in her parlor as she also creates amazing tea concoction! Accessible via Isles of Wonder & Wisdom.

As Fig likes to say

“Solvitur Ambulando!” – it is solved through walking!
Join us in Fig’s Fern Gully as we explore wandering as a powerful technique for dropping into that magical state of wonder—of flow—of creative sparks!  A one month initiation to our very own Wander Society and plenty of prompts via the Isles of Wonder & Wisdom.

A map, hidden treasure, a dragon, and a moonlit enchanted forest… do these stir your imagination? You will spiral your way around Isla Mystère for 8 weeks, engaging with the elements, the cycle of the moon, the energy of Feng Shui and so much more.  

Our virtual landscape is an online community — a private social media network with no advertising. The content is highly curated and intentionally designed for creativity, imagination, wellbeing and mindfulness. Posts, articles, links, videos, etc. are posted to the activity feed and tagged with “topics.” You scroll through the activity feed just as you would in any other social media, but with no advertising or noise from the larger human-made world, you’ll be immersed in whimsey, wonder, and wisdom. Beyond the main activity feed, you can opt into spaces with specific focuses and online classroom style resources on topics such as wellness, habits, tarot & divination, crafting, journaling, botanicals, and more. Options for different levels of engagement are available. Join our circle of kindreds for creative exploration of these enchanted wilds — where mythical muses conspire to ignite your imagination!