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Our most PLAYFUL plan! Joy and inspiration, simple quick quests and prompts get you engaging with nature and attuning to the seasons and cycles.

The Isle of Whimsey is the magical name for our Whimsey Bundle. A bundle is a collection of virtual spaces you can access (see list below) with a monthly subscription. We are so excited to open portals of possibility, muse with the moon and to play with magical spaces and treasures! 

Curious about our other levels?

Whimsey Portals & Guided Journeys

  • Capri’s Creative Cove – crafting prompts based on the lunar theme we voted for as a community such as river reverie rocks, celebration mandalas, seasonal ink blots and more
  • Daily Musings – 365 prompts to spark your creative flow
  • Lunar Society at Trixie’s Owlery – handmade art correspondence infused with new moon intentions to be magnified by the recipient
  • Peppertwig’s Parc de Jeux – making joyful magic out of daily mundane habits
  • Tillie & Sage’s Seasonal Spiral-Dance – tune into nature’s creative magic. Reflect in the winter, feel energized in spring, become active in summer, and practice gratitude every autumn. There is wisdom in the dark of Roots & Bones, wildness in the emergence of Wings & Whispers, wandering and exploration in the light of Bloom & Balefire and wonder in the liminal space of Mist & Magic.
  • Snow Queen & Holly King’s Holiday Hygge – delightful deliveries of merry musings sprinkled throughout December
  • Trixie’s Trading Post – goods & services, yours or any you love. The Trading Post is the space is to highlight YOUR creative works so that we can all support each other whenever possible.