You feel the mist rise. It’s the muses.

“Flow.” They say. “Dream and conjure with kindred explorers, other wild hearts who yearn to feel more alive—connected, drawn to a mystery—magic, and longing for a sacred circle to share and grow.”

Autumn magic is mysterious and wild, spicy with the scent of mulled cider, the sound of crunchy leaves underfoot, the feel of cooler air and shadows of twilight. These muses are a feral and fierce bunch. Rowdy and naked they dance and sing to the pulse of seasons. Stirring the quantum cauldron—pure potentiality, they curate and channel inspiration, activities—quests.  

Overflowing with moon magic, journal crafting, soul practices, we tap into magnetic flow of creation—rhythms of nature. With a potent dose of wonderling curiosity, enter the enchanted wilds of Moon Feather Hollow!

Mist rises and magic swirls with leaves, urging our souls to conjure & create. Do you feel the call to join our wild circle?

The Autumn Season is naturally going to be enchanted with harvest celebrations, and the thinning of the veil. Let’s embody the enchantment and mystery of the season, expressing our most authentic selves with the creative magic of autumn.

We’re making magic and making up words like syllofae & portofae, spiral sparkweaving, and imaginalchemy! We play with the muses because their path of whimsey and wonder leads to deep wisdom. We observe the Autumnal Equinox, Spellcrafting Pixie Besoms to conjure our dreams, and spreading magic with Moon Mail. We’re crafting journals that flow from our souls! We channel the muses through nature, books, writing, oracle cards & seasonal living, AND we are Time Traveling through the Tarot into the material experience, the magic within, and the mystery beyond! We embrace autumn’s liminality through our Wonderling curiosity and craft and create as inspired by the quantum cauldron!

Journalcrafting allows deep exploration of signs, symbols, and synchronicity—of ideas taking shape. We call our seasonal muse journals “Dreamoires” because like a Grimoire they hold our magic but they are so much more! They also hold and shape our dreams!

Design, create and infuse pixie besoms with magic! In a creative cycle we’ll envision them, forage for supplies, craft and infuse plants, crystals, color, essential oils and spellcrafting. Make them as gifts, change them for different seasons, & package them for special delivery!

Spiraling through past, present & future with the Major Arcana! Lady Isabella (the shapeshifting cat & teahouse proprietor) prompts you to ponder each of the major arcana tarot cards with 9 different artistic representations, key word associations, and insightful quotes and interpretations. Learn to recognize the archetypes as reflections of your own personal stories—the plots, twists, and meaning we experience in our unfolding. Look at each through the lens of past, present and future. Then go more deeply—applying the archetype to various layers of your life. Spiral through pure potentiality into the material experience, the magic within and the mystery beyond!