Misty A

“I loved doing burned edges on stationery when I was a kid. It felt so good doing it again! (Why did I stop doing fun things just because I grew up?!?)😅 It’s really true, you help us connect with the younger, happier versions of ourselves.  Thank you too, for creating this magical program and community!

Annmaria M

I joined Moon Feather Hollow with the intention of finding connection with my soul through creative exploration. It has truly awakened something wonderful in me and continues to expand in ways that are surprising and exciting! I can’t thank you enough for the magical space you have created and continually fill with all things wonderful and delightful, it has truly changed my life and outlook!💕💕💕💕


I can tell I’m needing more whimsy and magic in my life right now because I teared up just reading your descriptions. Honestly feeling pretty overworked here. Looking forward to connecting with those oh-so-important creativity inspiring and soul cradling thoughts, feelings and images. 🌿