The Fireflies & Fae are gathering a secret society for whimsical wisdom called the Curiosity Coterie. The Fae love to travel through time and space collecting magical moments in jars, the same way kids catch fireflies. You are invited to join them!

Fireflies remind us that it’s the small, simple things in life that matter the most. They inspire us to take a moment to slow down, ground ourselves in the moment, and appreciate all that surrounds us.

The Fae will reveal their secrets of living well that were long forgotten by the humans of old—a dozen different pathways to magical moments while exploring four landscapes.

With playful curiosity, hearts full of wonder and heads full of esoteric wisdom, they wish to engage your deep passion for exploring the mysteries of the world and the universe beyond to seek out magical moments.

Fill jars and bottles with everything from the sound of a baby’s first laugh to the taste of fresh-picked peas from the garden. Capture the way the stars shimmer on a moonless night and the feeling of a warm breeze on a summer day. These moments are too precious to be lost to the passage of time, and so let’s collect them all!

The members of the Curiosity Coterie gather in the mythical meadows of Moon Feather Hollow. (via e-course) to develop practices in the pathways to magical moments. Explore the Meadow of Being, ascend the Mountain of Perspective, flow in the River of Life and play in the Forest of Mystery.

Marvel at the magical moments we capture—in our hearts, our journals, or actual bottles—and follow our personal sparks to share stories of our own experiences in gratitude and joy, or to go deeper into integrating them with creative magic!

What EXACTLY does this course include?

📧 Six weeks of emails delivered every other day

🧭 Compass of Creative Magic outlining levels of participation to meet your lifestyle, and ideas to come back to later if desired

🔉 Audio Imaginalchemy:

  • a guided journey to set the scene and open your adventure
  • the ignition switch to engage your imagination

📽️ Video tutorials:

  • hands on crafting as a means of capturing Magical Moments
  • a method for deepening the course experience

🖨️ Printable play book:

  • simple option for documenting Magical Moments
  • portable keepsake to tuck into your regular journal or annual planner

🛣️ Twelve Pathway Prompts:

  • poetry & captivating imagery
  • journey through four different landscapes

Establish your own practice to continue to weave joy into your days long into the future by practicing these skills:

  • tune into your imagination
  • define Magical Moments for yourself
  • notice the scientifically proven benefits of joy
  • explore methods of documenting Magical Moments
  • experiment with multiple levels of possible participation

The practice of noticing magical moments weaves its threads into the very fabric of our lives. It has the power to transform the way we perceive the world, inviting us to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. Our hearts become more open, our spirits more attuned, and our gratitude more abundant.

While weaving more joy and appreciation into your life is reason enough for our purpose, there are LOTS of scientifically proven benefits! Improved mental health, increased resilience, stronger relationships, and increased motivation lead to better physical health, creative sparks, and more happiness. When we focus on the things we are grateful for, we shift our attention away from negative thoughts and emotions, and we begin to see the good in our lives.

Celebrating our achievements and simple moments of joy can help us appreciate the present moment and remember the pathways to magical moments.

Notice and gather magical moments, both big and small, that we encounter in our daily lives. The six week e-course is $55.

Our deeper appreciation for the world around us will infuse our lives with even more magic and wonder.

Did you know the Wisdom Circle accesses all of our courses for FREE with their monthly subscription to the enchanted wilds of Moon Feather Hollow?