Unleash Your Imagination and Creativity!

Are you ready to embark on a whimsical journey through lunar lore and uncover a world filled with beauty, abundance, and surprise? Delight in tactile sensations, visual variety, contemplative curiosities and moon mythology. Welcome to Moon as Muse, your gateway to an enchanted realm of magic and merriment!

🌙 Treat Your Inner Child

Magic in your mailbox is sure to inspire you for a whole season! Your inner child will be giddy to open this parcel and find FOUR bundles inside. The first beckons you to open it right away! Adorn your alter with a new treasure and Incantation Activation. Be delighted with Seasonal Faery Celebrations and themed ephemera. Then, three more bundles can be savored throughout the three moons of the season. Let your inner child run wild as you explore the wonders of each surprise.

🌠 Unwrap a World of Enchantment Each Moon

Each bundle inside the box is labeled with a moon so you can look forward to a monthly treat! As you sit down with a cup of tea and eagerly open one, you’re transported from your everyday life into a world brimming with imagination and creativity. It’s an invitation to embrace the extraordinary in the ordinary. Delight in the surprise of the whimsically themed treasures and stories that await you. Moon Feather Hollow original designs are complemented with a few outsourced items curated with love. Everything is hand-packed with high-vibe intentions for your well-being.

🌟 Variety: Each lunar cycle has a unique theme. You’ll receive a diverse array of items, ensuring you never know what to expect next. Color contemplations, Mystery Muses, Quests and Moon Myths are matched with themed ephemera for journalcrafting and collage.

💫 Abundance: We believe that a mindset of gratitude and appreciation can attract more abundance into your life, so our aim is for you to feel valued as you open each bundle and receive delights and wonders.

🌛 Beauty: Immerse yourself in the aesthetics of moon-inspired art, symbols, and original designs that are as beautiful as they are captivating.

🌜 Curiosity: Fuel your inquisitive spirit as you explore the secrets and stories of the lunar cycle, allowing your mind to wander.

Mini-Quests: Discover hidden treasures within as you take actions and encounter unexpected twists in your experience that encourage you to delve deeper into the mysteries of the moon and seasonal cycles.

Discover the wonder that awaits with Moon as Muse. Embrace your inner child, unlock your creativity, and let the magic of the lunar cycle inspire you every moon. While lunar cycles lead us through the seasons, nature’s elementals—the faeries—conspire to engage we humans more playfully. We’re excited about bringing you quests to encourage you to get out into nature and immerse yourself in the elements. The fae know this will add magical momentum to your life! By honoring the changing seasons, and our own cycles, we deepen our connection to the earth and to each other.

🌙Moon as Muse – Shipping in mid-April!

Are you ready to open your mailbox to a world of magic and delight? As we hand-fill each bundle with you in our hearts, our intentions are to shower you with appreciation. Opening your Moon as Muse parcel can bring a feeling of being valued with a special treat. And, if you already use the Dreamoire of Moonlit Alchemy, the lunar themes match so this mailing is perfect for journalcrafting in your Dreamoire!

The mythical muses play along with invisible goodwill faery dust! They’ll help you tune into messages through your intuition as you read the whimsical story related to the moon name and play with themed ephemera. These muses love to offer some kind of quest or invitation to engage your creativity and imagination, plus small delights and surprises!

The spring box ships in mid-April! We don’t want to reveal too much and spoil the fun but you can expect an in depth “Soul Seeds” quest with magical correspondences, pixie-picnic supplies, and a very unique compass quest!

A one time payment of $68 includes all FOUR bundles of small treasures, quests and ephemera, all in one box for the season of Wings & Whispers. The spring parcel includes the themes of Dandelion Faery Wish, Enchanted Garden Party, and Compass Rose.

$68 total includes postage to anywhere in the U.S.
Email magic@moonfeatherhollow.com to inquire about shipping outside the U.S.

🌟 Shared Sparks that Speak Volumes

But don’t just take our word for it…. read from others who share their heartfelt experiences:

Just recieved my first magic mail from you. What a treat!! An absolute delight. Thank you so much. I’m smitten. ~Amy C.

Your beautiful blessings just lift me and give me so much sustenance. It’s just unbelievable. Each thing that you send, there’s a purpose for it, there’s something that I’m needing or doing and in that moment and these beautiful things are on hand. Like the beautiful stationery page… I’ll be on the go somewhere and I need to write a list and there’s the bookmark notes. I use each thing to flavor up my experience of daily life. ~Col M.

I have been receiving all of the wonders of the Moons and Winter. My daughters and I are really enjoying this journey together and have a photo album binder that we put each moon into. Often we go back to it, and flip through the pages filled with your whimsical and enchanting ideas. My oldest daughter has a birthday in March, so we are using your Unfurling Fern and Spiral theme to celebrate her and the Full Moon. We can’t wait! ~Amy B.

I’m not a big spender, but I am a total supporter of everything Hollow. When I get magical mail, I treasure it, waiting for the right moment to open it. ~Margaret T.

It’s so pretty. It’s all so pretty. I just love it. It’s all so beautiful!!! Thank you so much!! My heart is overflowing! ~Rhianna W.

It’s been a joy wandering through your Sparkling Snow Moon mail. Can’t stop smiling with all the goodness and beauty taken in. ~Melinda W.

Each month I sit with a cup of tea and open my enchanted mail from Moon Feather Hollow. It transports me out of my everyday and brings a touch of magic and merriment. I love to spend this time in a world of spirit and magic. It touches the child in me. ~Diane W.

Is there anything more fun than opening your mailbox and finding moon mail?
“By moonlight there is magic in the stars” Thank you for the treasures in a beautiful envelope. I think my favorite is: “Magic is something you make” – that is the mantra for me! I had a friend over when I opened this, so there were double squeals as each magical item was revealed. Thank you for sharing your joy and magical creativity! I love all of it! ~ Annmaria M.

On this eve, I am considering all I am grateful for…one thing is you and all you are creating and sharing and cultivating in this whimsical home called Moon Feather Hollow. Thank you for all of it and especially for the beautiful card and goodies I received in the mail this week. It came on the perfect day at the perfect moment! You are truly special. Having the Hollow as a go-to during stressful times is such gift! 🎁❤️ The Best Present Ever!!!! Thank you so so much for such amazing goodness…I am taking my slow time to open each bit. Amazing and fun! 💖💚💜 ~Carol S.