Can we kindle the sparks of momentum in each other as we each share our unique visions with the world? Let’s activate artistic potential in anyone who’d like to become part of the magic. Join in the movement to illuminate creative expression for all!

The moon is our muse, with whimsical names for each cycle chosen by a community of Luminaries. Unlock the power of the collective through honoring and witnessing each persons unique creative flow.

We believe in surrendering to the currents of inspiration like waves in the sea. We seek to release all resistance to the expression of our artistic visions, just as the sea releases its treasures upon the shore. As we create, we radiate our passion and spirit into each piece, infusing it with the luminosity of our collective souls.

You are invited to create along with us each lunar cycle as part of a Moon Ring Crafting Collective!

🎨Choose your favorite medium-paint, paper, fiber or try something new!

🌜Each moon, create something inspired by the name of that cycle.

📸Share photos of your creations!

🏷️Tag them #MoonRingCraftingCollective – This shines a light on momentum for all of us!

💌Keep the original for your own collection or send it to someone else as mail art correspondence!

Joining in moon themed crafting, we grow in creativity together.

Lunar Cycles & Creative Themes



We are all evolving as creatives. It’s time to tend to our creativity–our emotions and our souls as well as our creative spaces and supplies. If you ever hesitate to share something you’ve made, please remember, every post contributes to our collective magnetism and builds creative momentum! Your courage in sharing is a bold declaration of worthiness and love and you never know when you may spark the creative fire in another!

Making Moon Art is my monthly soul medicine ritual: it is inspiration / creativity / prayer / intentional magic / exploration / community / art therapy / celebration. It is a gift I give to myself, it nurtures my spirit in the most wonderful and fun way, and I am so grateful to myself for making all of the above a priority in my life! ~Annmaria M.