Moonlit Alchemy is the weaving of lunar energies into our daily lives—our material experience—activating the magic within ourselves and connecting us with the mysteries beyond our comprehension.

The moon’s natural waxing and waning energies are subtle but potent power. The moon itself is a luminous body by which we ground and center our own spiraling energy. By tuning into her phases, about once a week, we illuminate the magic within our mundane.

At the beginning of each cycle, using the focus of our attention and intention, we magnify and magnetize our highest vision for ourselves. As she waxes, we take conscious actions toward that vision—toward our dreamwishes. In the next phase, the moon shines full and we find the gold in all life experiences. We celebrate both the magic and the mundane. We distill and integrate any shifts and transformations we’ve undergone as the moon wanes. During her darkest phase, we rest and reflect. Refreshed and renewed we spiral dance with the moon again and again. By consciously resetting ourselves we are able to tune in and follow shifting sparks of joy and inspiration, allowing our natural creative rhythms to flow.

Peek inside the undated Dreamoire of Moonlit Alchemy! Click an image, then swipe through the gallery. A dated version is available too.

The Dreamoire of Moonlit Alchemy

You are magic. You contain multitudes. Intuitive, playful, perceptive and creative aspects of yourself whisper to you with longings, and tug at your heart with dreamwishes. As a container for your own unfolding, this creative tool is a gentle reminder to notice magical moments. We call it a Dreamoire because like a grimoire, it holds our magic but it also holds and shapes our dreams. This guided journal can be the thing that grounds your moon practice. Spiral dance with Moonlit Alchemy to guide your path and discover your deepest creative joy.

The vibrant fantastical art combined with a gentle structure of the guided journal invite you to:

  • align with the cycles of the moon as you check in with yourself periodically
  • capture key elements from your life experience creating concise highlights for reflection and planning
  • notice the nuances of your own creative cycle
  • set realistic doable expectations about creative expression once a month
  • develop your own moon practice that can grow with you
  • keep it simple, flexible, and experimental

From the ashes of daily life, a Creative Joy Alchemist conjures creative sparks through an alchemical process. Dissolve resistance to joy. Separate and recombine elements and perspectives. Refine thoughts and beliefs to distill magic. Ebb and flow in creative cycles beyond sunlit reality into mystery. It’s Moonlit Alchemy.

Over time, you’ll reflect back on these pages with ease and joy as you flip through your year. Document the high points and capture the magic. View a snapshot of the distilled version of what was going on in your life throughout each moon cycle. Summarize key points from deeper journal processing done elsewhere. Note what you are excited about, what projects you are taking action on, and what you are celebrating.

Each lunar cycle begins with its whimsical name and immersive full color artwork to spark your inner artist and to warm you up to the moon. Engage your creative self to see the month before you and slowly begin to work with it. The sections include notes, oracles, phases, reflection, and space for art and dreamwish visioning. There is an open page at the end of each lunar cycle to activate your creativity in some way. It’s a vision board revealing what dreamwishes are emerging in your life, and over time – the map for your life! This is a tool to alchemize what you want in your life, transforming the hardest parts into gold.

As the moonlit experience of time is not linear, beginnings and endings are simply turns in the spiral. This means you can begin your Moonlit Alchemy journal any time during a linear year that works for you: a new season, a new moon, your birthday month, a time significant to your culture or to you personally. You’ll want the undated version, and access the current year MOON DATES HERE, and if you like, we’ll send you an art print card of the dates in the mail!

Of course, if a dated version is your preference, that’s available too! You can still request the Moon Dates Art Print to use as a bookmark!

The Dreamoire of Moonlit Alchemy – A Discovery of Creative Joy guides you in distilling life’s magic. It’s a tool for alchemizing what you want in your life and finding gold in your days. Attune to the moon’s phases with a sense of curiosity and wonder while you stir, conjure, harness & integrate your creative magic.