Exploring Signs, Symbols & Synchronicities

Behind the Secret Garden of Moon Feather Hollow lies a Mystic Meadow, home to a mischievous shape-shifting fox named Moxie, who knows the power of seeing things from different perspectives. Moxie leads a Curiosity Coterie in a magical treasure hunt this summer, and you are invited to join! We’ll explore the world around us through new eyes and the lens of Mundimancy.

Mundimancy is the art of divination that allows us to listen to the anima mundi, or world soul, that speaks to us through a web of signs, symbols, and synchronicities. It is a playful and intuitive way of becoming present and attuned to the dynamic range of sources for divination.

During our four realm that you can embark upon anytime, we focus on a single Mundimancy prompt at a time, allowing us to amplify our intuition and deepen our connection to the world around us. By embracing qualities of curiosity, confidence and cleverness – our own inner moxie – we will actively weave magic and merriment into the mundane, creating a more mystical and meaningful experience.

Learn practices in noticing and decoding divination amidst your daily activities.

Life is more joyful when we believe that the universe is conspiring on our behalf, sending us a steady stream of signs, symbols, and synchronicities to guide us into alignment with our highest versions of ourselves.

By embracing Mundimancy, we can tap into this magic and invite more joy and wonder into our lives. The benefits of this practice are many:

  • Expanded Awareness
  • Guidance and Direction
  • Synchronicity and Flow
  • Spiritual Growth and Transformation
  • Deepened Connection to Nature and the Cosmos
  • Meaning and Purpose
  • Trust and Intuition

So let us venture forth together, and see what the anima mundi has in store for us. We can’t wait to see the world through your eyes and share in the magic of this journey with you.

What EXACTLY does this course include?

  1. Interactive Community Platform:
    • accessible by phone app or web browser
    • simple comment boxes are the easiest ways to document Mundimancy Messages on-the-go
    • sharing builds momentum
  2. Intro materials:
    • tune into your awareness and your imagination
    • identify types of signs, symbols & synchronicity
  3. Compass of Creative Magic:
    • explore methods of evoking and tracking Mundimancy
    • experiment with multiple levels of possible participation
  4. Audio Imaginalchemy:
    • a guided journey to practice accessing hidden realms of knowledge
    • the ignition switch to engage your imagination
  5. Video tutorials:
    • hands on crafting as a means of tracking and evoking Mundimancy
    • a method for deepening the course experience AFTER the month is over
  6. Printable play book:
    • simple option for tracking Mundimancy
    • portable keepsake to tuck into your regular journal or annual planner
  7. Twelve Mundimancy Prompts:
    • each unique method is a specific technique to tune into sign and symbols
    • poetry & captivating imagery
    • journey within the four elemental realms with three different prompts for each
  8. Established practice to continue to weave a World Soul connection into your days long after the course is over

The members of the Curiosity Coterie will gather together in Moon Feather Hollow via phone app or desktop to develop practices in Mundimancy. We’ll learn about three “mancy” practices (such as musicmancy, and lunarmancy) per elemental realm. Each “mancy” will be the focus, one at a time, for practice. Every day is open to whichever kind of “mancy” appears. Explore the realms of air, fire, water and earth as elemental representations of signs and symbols.

Mundimancy with Moxie is $44 and you have access for the life of the course, meaning years!

Did you know the Wisdom Circle accesses all of our courses for FREE with their monthly subscription to the enchanted wilds of Moon Feather Hollow?