Road Trip!!!

Can you tell I’m exited?

Goodbye, Seattle! So long, Mt. Rainier!

You can expect better photos as the road trip progresses, I promise. 🤣

My 15 year old kiddo is at the wheel, hubby navigating, and I am enjoying the sun roof from the back seat where I will be blogging our west coast adventure.

This week I am focused on my heart, and sharing from my heart. The sun is in watery cancer, so emotional themes and nurturing are present. As July continues to unfold and the sun moves into firey Leo, it’s a natural time to focus on our hearts.

Vacation technically began Friday night. We went to a concert at a venue called “El Corazon” which is Spanish for “the heart.”

It has an eclectic vibe…

The band that drew us here is called Weathers. The lead singer has such great stage presence and charisma. I was so happy to witness him give my kiddo (who was front stage) a high five!! I sang along and danced to favorite songs and felt like a teen myself.

The venue was small and the crowd so participatory, we really had a collective effervescence. It was the perfect way to shift into vacation vibe.

May this find you feeling nurtured, embracing your favorite summer experiences, and listening to your heart.

Firefly Magic

Did you catch fireflies as a kid? Anyone who has knows just how magical it can be. Back in 2021 we asked this question to Wonder Weavers in the Hollow, and had a huge response. Re-reading the comments today inspired me to share them as a blog. I removed the names, but each is a different comment.

I have never stopped! 😉 Though my methods are much more humane now. I still feel like a kid when I see them!

They are so magical! I miss them. I grew up in the midwest where we had tons every summer, but live in the Pacific Northwest now, no fireflies.

I didn’t know that! I assumed they were all over the US. I’m sure you have access to other magical creatures though! 🤞

It is also magical to not have mosquitoes after 40 years of living in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota!

I am waiting patiently for them to arrive. There is just something about sitting around the fire and watching the fireflies light up the trees and bushes. So magical!

Oh My Yes! Still do upon occasion. First sighting of the summer this past week and what a truly magical sight it is! Always a sign that summer is truly here.

Yes first sighting here in Virginia!!

I don’t think I did before moving to Arkansas, one of the magical things about the South. Definitely collected some in a jar a few times to watch for a bit. Now I just like to watch them outside and still feel surprised every time one lights up.

YES and I saw a few last week and did a little happy dance!!

Yes! I would gather them in a jar and then let them all go.

There’s weren’t any fireflies where I grew up but I saw them once on a trip to upstate New York a few years ago. I was soooo happy 😊

I’m lucky to live in upstate NY and see them often

As a kid. As an adult. Yesterday! ✨


I was always too nervous to catch bugs in my hands. My daughters do not have the same reluctance.

yes and last night they were out

Fireflies welcomed us home last night.

We didn’t have fireflies around when I was a kid. But I love seeing them on the side of the road now, if I’m driving at night.

They are so magical! I miss them. I used to love catching them and seeing my cupped hands light up until it flew away.

There was one on my front door earlier today before dark but I didn’t have camera and it flew off

Oh my yes…. there were so many in my city backyard in RI in the 50’s and 60’s… now I live in a very rural area and there are so few.. it’s very sad

Wow usually they are rural here

Yes I especially remember them in one part of the lawn. In the van we have been sleeping with the doors open and I’ve been falling asleep to them.

Even if you have never personally caught a firefly, you can experience the magic with this 2 minute video. Immerse yourself in the wonder and beauty of Radim Schreiber’s video. He suggests, “For optimal viewing, watch this video at night, with all the lights turned off, full screen with sound turned on.”

I am super excited to begin a new adventure on the upcoming new moon. We’re catching magical moments just like we caught fireflies as kids. Even though I helped to create the course calle Magical Moments with Fireflies & Fae, I’m a participant just like anyone else, and I can’t wait to begin! As summer seems to fly by, this will help me slow down and be in the moment. I’m also heading out on a road trip over the new moon so my 15 year old can get more driving experience. I hope to share some amazing photos and stories from the Oregon coast!

May your summer adventures be magical!

Flip Flops & Finding Gold

How do you make value from a beach full of washed up flip flops? How do you stay afloat amidst the strong currents of doom and gloom? I’m musing on finding gold again. This time inspired by a few specific people I talk about in this video. One is a member of Moon Feather Hollow, and the other is the guy who was inspired by flip flops to innovate them. 😆

I’m also reading David Pearl’s book: Wanderful. He donates proceeds to his movement called Street Wisdom. It values imagination, innovation, and wandering and reinforces the belief that we are part of a quantum fabric, that the cosmos has messages for us everywhere when we listen as a practice.

Street Wisdom is an everyday creative practice you use as you walk. A smart fusion of mindfulness, neuroscience, wellness and imagination, it unlocks our minds and unblocks our creativity with every step.

Wanderful shows us how to fire up our innate internal guidance system, get off the straight & narrow and find wonder in the everyday. Every-day.

I’ve never listened to podcasts until I found his. Perhaps I will try a few more since this one is giving me such a wonderful experience. He ends each podcast with an activity to engage in while we wander. If you are curious, you can listen to the podcast HERE or on podbean.

Ben Morison is the guest on the Feb 22, 2022 episode and you can learn more about the FlipFlopi project HERE.

What are the flip flops in our lives that we can innovate? Ponder, wander, and wonder…

Mysterious Musings at the Beach

Moonlit mysteries enchant me, especially at the beach! Can you guess what this mysterious flying entity could be?

I photographed this in a small beach town that sat nestled by the sea, where the sound of the waves reminded me to slow down, to wonder, to be open to magic. As the moon rose high in the sky, this strange and wonderful thing appeared. Then my imagination whispered a story to my heart…

The ghostly white bird-like creature emerged from the waves, spreading its wings wide and taking flight when the moon came out. The creature soared up into the sky, its body shimmering and glowing in the moonlight like a beacon of magic and wonder. The townsfolk called the creature the “Moonbird,” and they whispered tales of its powers and its mystery. Some said that it was a spirit of the sea, come to watch over the town and its people. Others believed that it was a messenger from the gods, sent to bring news of great events yet to come.

That night, as I was walking along the beach, toes digging into the sand as I gazed out at the waves, I watched Moonbird in awe as it flew closer and closer to me. I let it remind me that that there is a world of wonder and magic beyond the horizon, waiting to be discovered. A mysterious Moonbird is a symbol of the unknown and the endless possibilities that lay ahead.

What do you think of Moonbird?

Magnolia Musings

My magnolia tree is so beautiful! As a flowering tree that blooms in the spring, its symbolism is deeply tied to the season of renewal and rebirth. In many cultures, the magnolia tree is associated with femininity and grace. The delicate beauty of its pink or white blossoms is seen as a symbol of purity and innocence, while the tree’s sturdy branches and deep roots represent strength and resilience.

I’ve had an on again-off again relationship with the color pink. For a while I wanted nothing to do with it at all! Cranberry foam (when the berries are cooking or when my soda water mixes with juice) brought pink back into the fold for me and Paris pink, well that has always been fine. But the pretty pale pink of my magnolia blossoms were an acquired taste. Now I love them!

The magnolia is also often associated with the arrival of spring, as its blossoms typically appear in March or April, just as the winter frost begins to melt away. To me, the tree has come to symbolize new beginnings, fresh starts, and the promise of growth and renewal.

I learned that in some cultures, the magnolia is also seen as a symbol of nobility and dignity. Its lush, full blooms are associated with abundance and prosperity, while its strong, upright branches are seen as a sign of steadfastness and honor. It turns out pink is pretty powerful as a symbol of the changing seasons and the endless cycle of life and death. It reminds me that even in the darkest of winters, there is always the promise of spring and the hope of new beginnings.

Are you feeling the promise of spring?

Spring Musings

I captured a hummingbird in slow motion in this 15 second video!

While on a a sunny joyful walk something zoomed by my head and stopped in a tree near me. I turned around knowing I’d see a hummingbird! We hung out together a while, and I got my phone ready in slow motion video setting, and this sweet hummingbird was happy to indulge me! In the Laika tradition of shamanism, the hummingbird represents the soul as one of four perceptual levels—body, mind, soul & spirit—and symbolizes joy.

The language of this level is image, music, poetry, and dreams — it’s the realm of myth, where the soul can experience itself on a sacred journey. In the domain of the mythic, we are all like hummingbird, on a grand voyage and yearning to drink only from the nectar of life.

I’m drinking the nectar of life this spring! My seed arrived in the mail yesterday. We are still at risk of freezing overnight, so I am patiently waiting to dig in the dirt. I’m also thinking about what Soul Seeds I’m going to plant this new moon which happens to coincide so nicely with the Spring Equinox! The lunar cycle and the plant life cylce as well as our creative cycles all follow the same flow. The seed phase is associated with ideas, wishes, or projects that are ready to be planted so they may come into fruition.  New or old, your heart’s desires are the Soul Seeds that we are planting in the fertile soil of our imagination when we set our intentions at the new moon. What would you like to grow in your life throughout spring?

Perhaps reflecting on this during time outside in a Sit Spot might be nice. Here’s a little video peek of my current Sit Spot.

May you drink from the nectar of life this spring and your Soul Seeds thrive!