Reveling in Possibilities

I want to be loosed of relationships that no longer serve me. And with this comes an increasing desire, pounding in my heart like a drumbeat, to only do what I want to do, when I want to do it, and with whom I wish to do it. I am tending to my own stuff, and my wish is that everyone in my life do the same… I want to revel in possibilities. I want to laugh and dance and sing and drink great wine and celebrate and love and discuss the Universe and all its magic.”

― Sheri Salata, The Beautiful No: And Other Tales of Trial, Transcendence, and Transformation

I’ve been reveling in possibilities. Each moon cycle, I tune into my heart and soul as well as mother nature and mystery to discern where to focus. During the dark of the moon and the days it is still new, I watch and listen and feel for messages directly from my own intuition and also from the signs, symbols and synchronicity I see around me. Then sometime under it’s crescent glow I decide. Sometimes its so easy and clear, and other times I get the sense that I’m just practicing the act of choice to bring experiences to my attention out of a quantum state.

This cycle’s choice was so clear and easy. No less than 5 different times the the message “Shine!” popped up. A card drawn by my favorite three year old, freudian slips, a Wildwood Secret Society oracle reading (that’s our group in the Hollow that reads for each other), a song, and message from a quest kit. More specifically, the messages were encouraging me to show up, step out and be seen, increase the visibility of my vulnerability and share more of my wonderous inner world and ponderings as well as my very human foibles. This musing blogs is certainly a fitting place to bring more of myself to light.

I believe that something magical and transformative happens when we create a space to hold our voices. Just like a sketchbook or notebook holds sketches or lists, a blog is a receptacle for self expression, the act of publishing an alchemical process that gives our words and pictures form and weight. Later on we may draw an audience to us and will discover the joys of being seen for who we are, but in the beginning the very act of publishing is like an act of faith. It’s staking our claim on a piece of virtual real estate. It’s making an online home, just for us.

Susannah Conway,

I may be clumsy or not know what to say, but I feel the impulse to show up on the Musings blog more often. To let it be the space of my unfolding, my creative joy alchemy.

Welcoming Autumn

Pumpkins, long walks in crunchy leaves, hot apple cider, and witchy stories. Threshold words—liminal spaces, thin veil, spooky, witchy, betwixt & between, mystery & enchantment.  It’s all wrapped up in the same feeling essence as secret passages, the game of clue, hidden places, ghost stories, seances & black cats. They evoke such magical feelings. When we are unafraid of whatever is scary or strange we are actually having fun!  Can we embrace darkness? How do we balance the light? Can we approach more oddities and unusual things in life with this kind of open-minded playfulness?

Today, instead of writing to you, I recorded a 2 minute reflection on balance…

And, here’s a 2 minute autumn mood making video to put you in tune with pulse of the season!

It’s my favorite season!! May yours be filled with magic!!


Time Travel to the Old West

Museums make me feel like a time traveler. My favorite kind are the self-guided, pay by donation, outdoor walk through immersive displays. My kiddo and I stumbled across one such amazing old western museum in Winthrop, Washington. The small town has wooden boardwalks, old-timey building facades, and a real western vibe.

We enjoyed all of the shops and ate a great meal at a last legally operating saloon in Washington before stumbling onto the museum.

The Shafer Museum sits atop a hill overlooking the town. Original buildings, mining equipment, and all sorts of original artifacts are on display.

I found myself wondering what life would have been like in the days of this grand sleigh!

In the print shop I found relics that I recognized from my own childhood when my folks ran a graphics art center. They used an old printing press with antique blocks. I still have some stashed around here someplace. As soon as I saw the display I could smell the ink and my childhood. It was time travel to 1892 as well as 1972. I loved it. I am ready for more time travel adventures!



Exploring Imaginative Powers

I just began playing with image generation via artificial intelligence. There are many apps out there, and the one that has me mesmerized is called Midjourney. Exploring this new medium of thought is certainly expanding my imaginative powers, as well as sparks of possibility, curiosity, wonder, and all the magical aspects of creation! Again, I am reminded of the power of whimsey in creativity. There is something so fun about the experimental process of typing in some text and watching images evolve before my eyes!

Midjourney is an independent research lab exploring new mediums of thought and expanding the imaginative powers of the human species.

Whatever medium, the fun of creation expands imaginative powers. Without fun, imagination is diminished. We just naturally have a creative momentum that is best fed by joy, and the magic is in the process. My wish for everyone is that they have an accessible joyful creative practice. My life purpose as an Aficionado of Imaginative Souls, Advocate of Unlimited Possibilities & Amusing Muse gets activated by every form of immersion into imagination. From the most ancient form of imaginative immersion (stories around the fire) to modern virtual reality games, we are entering another world of our making.

Typos are an imaginative delight! This is “Wildflower Wonder Moo” as I missed the “n” in moon!

Art generated by artificial intelligence, futures envisioned in our dreamscapes, and emerging biotechnology are all extensions of human imagination. Humankind has always had a drive to bring what is in the mind outside and in front of our eyes! The creative process itself, bringing thoughts and visions into this three-dimensional space we occupy is fascinating to me! And it’s a big process. Artificial intelligence makes it look so easy!

fae tea

And this one was supposed to be “6 of Cups Enchanted Faerie Tea Party” based on a tarot card I love, but alas, instead I’d accidentally typed in “caps” 😆

There is such a magical sense of instant gratification when entering text and then seeing it’s visual representation just moments later. There is a real wow-factor! It also makes me suddenly very aware that in this dimension, we are lucky our imaginings take longer to come into existence. What if everything we imagined sprung into existence mere moments after thinking it?