We, the Hollow Muses, conspire with you to ignite your imagination!

We come forward when humans engage with us through their imaginations. We are so eager to see your creativity flourish! We know that whimsey and wonder are the most enjoyable paths to wisdom! A few of us would like to introduce ourselves, and share our areas of wisdom with you.

Celestine the Unicorn

Keeper of Magic, ether, and the dark moon. She guides our spiral sparkweaving!

Maven of Opportunity

“Everything is possible. We all have the gift of creating absolutely anything. There’s no limit to what we can do or be.

You are here for a reason. Your dharma is your purpose, path, or vision, the unique talent that you are here on Earth to share. Your dharma is your happiness.”

Trixie the Pixie

Keeper of Spring, air, and the new moon. She’s small but mighty!

Maven of Intention & Desire

“Every time you wish or want, you plant a seed. Making your wish is like planting a seed and believing that it will grow. Let nature do the rest.”

Midnight the Moondragon

Keeper of Summer, fire, and the waxing half moon. She detects hidden treasure!

Maven of Choice & Potential

“When you make a choice, you change the future (karma). Your choices bring about changes. To make good choices, follow your heart. How do your choices make you feel?”

Capri the Mermaid

Keeper of Autumn, water, and the full moon. She’s a dreamweaver and virtuoso of imaginalchemy!

Maven of Flow

“Don’t say no—go with the flow. Create peace within by learning acceptance of what is outside our control.”

Peppertwig the Faun

Keeper of Winter, earth, and the waning half moon. Her playful prompts promote vitality!

Maven of Reciprocity

“If you want to get something, give it. Always give with a happy heart. The greatest gift is feeling good.”

Lady Isabella the Oracle Shapeshifter

Keeper of changing seasons, liminal spaces, and blue moons. She is both woman and cat, and a master in divination.

Maven of Detachment

“Be open to life and enjoy the journey. New ways and new ideas can lead to more happiness.”

The Hollow’s entire mythical muse family delights in YOUR creative magic!

Wandering & Wondering along their Whimsical path leads to Wisdom!

We want you to weave dreams, spark your soul, & connect to the rhythms of nature! Stir the quantum cauldron. Conjure creative magic! Harness celebration!! Integrate soul nourishment to pull opportunities through the etheric portals of possibility!