Stir your imagination.

You hear a soft hum, the buzzing of wings beside you. You turn to see a dragonfly zipping cartwheels of delight! A messenger from Moon Feather Hollow, it is holding a tiny shell. Feeling its warmth your outstretched hand, you realize this is no ordinary seashell. It grows larger as you admire its pearly iridescence. Suddenly a glowing thread of light appears to dance across surface, revealing words—a message…

As the words fade, the shell continues to grow and unfurl into a scroll—an invitation.

A map. Hidden treasure. Dragons. A moonlit forest.

Navigational Magic is an 8 week dragon-led adventure that begins on a flying steamship, using a magical compass and map. We spiral around a mysterious island, tuning into elemental wisdom and unlocking latent creative potential through whimsey, imagination and play.

  • Get reacquainted with your inner child
  • Open up your sense of direction
  • Rediscover the wonder and enchantment available in everyday life

You are invited to explore an island that changes seasons with the moon and the faerie realm offer quests to spark your inherent creativity. 

  • Discover the four directions as archetypes connected to seasons, moon phases, and feng shui
  • Learn about the elements, and how they relate to the directions, chakras and astrology
  • Shapeshift into the mythic as a way to deepen your relationship with these archetypes within yourself

Spiral your way around Isla Mystère engaging with the cycle of the moon, the energy of Feng Shui and so much more. Each part of the journey also includes an audio with music and sound effects to engage your imagination.

Navigational Alignment

Harness the power of aligning with the moon phases, the seasons, directions and elements to consciously infuse joy into your every day life. Learn how to tap into your own navigational magic as a way to chart your course to joy!

Creativity Quests

Immerse yourself in an expansive treasure hunt designed to connect you to the enchantment of the mythical realm, to unearth your own personal soul sparks, and to ease you into that magical state of flowing creativity. 

Deep Wisdom

What looks like whimsey from the surface is really a much deeper journey into our own elemental nature. As we spiral into new levels of experience, we anchor into our embodiment of wonder & wisdom, deepening the joy in our daily lives.

Journey around Isla Mystère in one of two ways:

  • alongside kindred explorers in our online community course platform
  • experience as a solo expedition with 15 magical emails & audios delivered to your inbox

Either way, you are invited to a deep recalibration to your inherent inner truth—a remembrance.

Navigational magic is perennial wisdom—how a new moon has the same essence as a sunrise and the spring season. Each season corresponds to one of the four main phases of the moon, the four elements, the cardinal directions and more. Just as the sun rises in the east to set in the west, the moon waxes and wanes. The seasons have transitional phases just as a compass rose represents more than four directions. The wheel of the year and the compass rose have so much in common!

With over 150 variations from North America, Inca, Peruvian, Celtic, and Hopi indigenous peoples, the directional wheel has represented aspects of humanity and the natural world for centuries. It helps communicate unseen aspects of our existence. Based on the directions, it holds an essence of the rhythm of life. Just as our ancestors did, we, too, gain understanding by observing nature. Everything happens in a circle. The context changes depending on which hemisphere or culture in which you live, but the rhythm follows a natural cycle.

Every understanding is really a directional sense influenced by the point of perspective. In this practice of awareness, we master the navigational magic that can happen when aligning with the energies of the moon and planets in a daily, weekly and seasonal way.

Live in tune with the four directions, layers of elemental associations, lunar phases, feng shui practices, a smidge of astrology and the seasons & cycles of life. This is Navigational Magic!

It’s available as an email course or an online community journey. Which option best suits you?

Choose email course if you prefer:

  • to focus on one thing at a time
  • have materials delivered directly to your inbox
  • experience it on your own
  • a one-time payment of $44

Choose online community journey if you enjoy:

  • sharing in an interactive online community
  • a click-through journey housed someplace other than your inbox
  • a bundle of journeys
  • a subscription membership in our community (This is not the best option for those who can get overwhelmed, or prefer to scale back their time online.)
  • an ongoing payment of $33/month (You can cancel anytime. Of course, we hope you love it in the Hollow and play as long as you wish!)

Wonder what other’s have experienced?

Listen to what our amazing adventurers say


Stephanie and Aimee are the most original creators of online experiences I have ever come across (and I’ve been playing with adventure and creativity online for many years!) They put their imaginations, creations along with much labor and love into an amazing and captivating place(s). Everything they put into it is just lovely. It’s unpretentious, it’s enlightening, inspiring and beautiful to look at and read. ~Pamela PF

Audio So Visceral!

When I was listening to this I couldn’t stop smiling! The music in the background, the great thoughts and the feeling of it… the idea that happiness is not a destination, it’s a direction. You could knock me over with a feather with all of this, it just hit me. I felt my face smiling, it was so visceral. I felt the emotions inside of me. ~Col M

Infused with Magic!

It’s just so infused with amazing energy. Just being in this space you are receiving the benefit of this magical energy. ~Faye V

How long is the course?

8 weeks, 2 segments per week

How long will I have access?

The emails and downloadable audios are yours to keep. The audios will remain on the website for the life of the course. In community, you’ll have lifetime access as long as you are active. Membership expires one year from your last visit to the Hollow.