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Epiphany Oracle Quest Kits are available now!

Overcome Creative Blocks

Sometimes in the creative process we can become overwhelmed by too many options. Curated materials and creative prompts are a short-cut to a productive creative session. Quest Kits remove blocks and decision fatigue regarding what materials to use or what to create and conjure. There is magic in limiting what is available. You only need standard household items since everything else is in the kit.

Each quest is designed to engage your senses, invite your focus, and be a permission slip to get curious and explore your own creative sparks. Different quests will reveal various aspects of your creative self. Such joy can be had in deepening the relationship with self.

Activate Creative Magic

There is a magical spark in receiving fresh materials which may be totally different than what you typically curate, or similar but seen with a different lens. Viewing materials that have been intentionally curated for you provides you with new eyes and a new sense of appreciation and possibility. While the materials have value, the quest is the key to activating your creative magic. 

Once you receive your magical mail, if you allow yourself to pause and savor the experience of opening it, the enchantment will be tangible. Every piece you touch has been hand curated by Aimee or Stephanie who hand pick each piece that goes into the kit while holding your best intentions at heart. The kit is so much more than materials, it’s infused with time, energy and magic all focused on your momentum!

Choose Your Own Adventure

Kits will range in size, variety, topic and prices to appeal to your desires, fit your needs, and to tap into your creative magic at levels that fit your life. Our curiosity quests start at $18 and can be completed in one or two sessions. Longer quests will take more than one session and often get you outside, and some quests are paired with email courses that go over weeks or months. 

Spellcrafting Curiosity Quest Kit

Spellcrafting Curiosity Quest Kits will be back later in the year.

Explore curiosity through spellcrafting.

Your kit is hand curated and infused with magical intentions for you. Engage your senses, invite your focus, and take this permission slip to get curious and explore your own creative sparks.

You’ll get just the right ephemera, stickers, charm, a spell example and even oracle cards to spark your spellcrafting. In fact, if you set and intention or think of a question when you place your order, your cards will no doubt have a very special message just for you. The quest itself will reveal much.

Pictured are examples of the type of materials you can expect in your kit. Each kit varies. Every kit contains quest instructions to explore the curiosities of spellcrafting.

Send spellcrafting sparks to my mailbox for $18

These make great gifts for yourself and others. Each mailing address must be placed as a separate order.

A peek at some of our stash! Gathering a few bulk items to break into smaller bits allows for a wide variety of ephemera, and pulling from books, magazines, and personally choosing bits of muse inspired ephemera guarantees your kit is one of a kind, and nothing like what you’d find in a store!

Other Quest Kits in Development!

Alchemy Amulets, Oracle Oddyssey, Moon Magic, Zodiac Zephyr and more are being whispered in from the muses. Others have already being vetted by our Wisdom-Seekers in the Hollow! Sign up for our newsletter to hear updates!

Treasure Quest – designed to complete in 8-10 sessions is coming in 2023

Time Traveling Fae Quest – a multi-week adventure in collaging imaginal world and time travel journeys is coming in 2023.