Road Trip!!!

Can you tell I’m exited?

Goodbye, Seattle! So long, Mt. Rainier!

You can expect better photos as the road trip progresses, I promise. 🤣

My 15 year old kiddo is at the wheel, hubby navigating, and I am enjoying the sun roof from the back seat where I will be blogging our west coast adventure.

This week I am focused on my heart, and sharing from my heart. The sun is in watery cancer, so emotional themes and nurturing are present. As July continues to unfold and the sun moves into firey Leo, it’s a natural time to focus on our hearts.

Vacation technically began Friday night. We went to a concert at a venue called “El Corazon” which is Spanish for “the heart.”

It has an eclectic vibe…

The band that drew us here is called Weathers. The lead singer has such great stage presence and charisma. I was so happy to witness him give my kiddo (who was front stage) a high five!! I sang along and danced to favorite songs and felt like a teen myself.

The venue was small and the crowd so participatory, we really had a collective effervescence. It was the perfect way to shift into vacation vibe.

May this find you feeling nurtured, embracing your favorite summer experiences, and listening to your heart.

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