Savoring Mt. Shasta & Redwoods – a Photo Gallery

How is it another full moon and almost September already? So grateful for summer road trip memories as a focal point to steady me as time speeds by at a dizzying pace! I savor the sunny memories in images as my window view shows falling leaves & drizzle here in the Pacific Northwest, where autumn in afoot! I hop you enjoy this little photo gallery of Mt. Shasta – said to be earth’s root chakra, and the mighty redwoods of northern California.

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We enjoyed so many amazing farmer’s markets but the view at Mt. Shasta’s was of course, the best! While in California, we also visited the redwoods, such majestic trees! I wish I’d been taught history with the rings of a tree. Somehow this context made the events (click middle image for dates!) so much more engaging to me.

From our southernmost location of Klamath, CA up the coast back to Seattle is about 600 miles. This was 600 miles of family bonding, beautiful coastal views, teen driving experience, and me not cooking or doing laundry. It was time-blurred days of savoring feet in the sand, splashing in the ocean, sea-scented air, and sunkissed skin.

I’ll be back with another savoring of sea stacks, ocean views, sea lions and more in coming weeks! In the meantime, may this moon in Pisces spark your imagination!

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