Seaside with the Sea Singers—a Lunasa Reflection

You’ve probably heard of Selkie, a shapeshifting sealwoman. Did you know that in the Irish tradition, the Sea Singer is called Celtic Merrow or in Irish, Murúch. Just as the mythical Selkie comes ashore and is unable to return when her sealskin is taken, in the Irish folktale of the Sea Singer, it’s his or her magical cap that is taken and he or she needs it in order to travel between deep water and dry land.

A loss of an essential part of self can become a barrier to fully exploring every terrain at will. In life we willingly give over parts of ourselves for the sake of accomplishments, relationships, and missions that are bigger than ourselves. This is a beautiful aspect of being human.

At the same time, a deep attachment or identification with any aspect of self can also become a barrier. For example, when we don’t take breaks from our day-to-day routines and explore the edges of life, we lose touch with our sense of possibility. In my little family, we’re so very aware of this in our personalities, we absolutely must have periodic adventures throughout the year, even if they are just short day trips. As far back as I can remember we’ve always had long weekends or weeklong adventures during August.

The Irish word for August is “Lunasa.” Traditionally spelled Lughnasa, it is named after the Celtic God Lugh, the god of sun, light, and harvest. Living in tune with the seasons and cycles, I recognize the ripening fruits of my intentions planted as seeds earlier in the cycle.

These sweet seals reminded me to harvest the magic of my life in gratitude to the sun and light. They lay in the sun resting a while. Then lift their heads and sing to the sun.

The Celtic Merrow and I are paying close attention to essential parts of self these days. As we explore the edges of various terrains we wish to remain free to come and go as we please! The message to remember my magical cap, my sealskin, was loud and clear on a recent seaside adventure with the Sea Singers we recognize as seals.

For my little family, the year has included grief and loss, kiddo’s 8th grade graduation, husband’s ER visits, surgery and a new job, and new kittens! I’ve been careful not to lose essential parts of myself through all of it. My intentions were set as potent seeds over the winter dreaming for this cycle—vitality and self-mastery. The seals remind me of the importance of both rest and play as components of vitality. The compelling life events happening all around me give me the chance to show what I’ve learned about keeping the essential parts of myself balanced—of growing in mastery with the art of living. More and more I recognize messages such as that of the Sea Singers. More and more I remember to notice when I become to identified with some aspect of myself or lose parts of myself to the circumstances of my life. I am learning to shape-shift! I am remembering to keep track of my magical cap. Life does not get easier, but we certainly can get better at it.

May your August, your Lunasa, be full of sun and light as you harvest whatever is coming to fruition for you this season.

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