Something ancient and wintry tickles your nose. It’s the muses. Winter is the Season of Roots & Bones in Moon Feather Hollow. The Muses seek channels for creativity!

“Unearth your soul.” They say. “Nourish the roots and sing over the bones with kindred explorers, other wild hearts who yearn to feel more alive—connected, drawn to a mystery—magic.”

Drums beat and an ancient chant vibrates in our bones. We follow nature’s rhythms and embrace a slower pace, quiet reflection, and gentle creative prompts. Winter presence is cozy & festive, dark & reflective, hushed by snow and refreshed by pine. Rest and quiet nourish our roots. Deep dreaming warms our souls. A quickening is felt in our bones, we remember ancient ways.

Beginning with the Winter Solstice, or Yule, and continuing through Imbolc and up to the Spring Equinox, or Ostara, the Muses of Moon Feather Hollow curate and channel inspiration, activities—quests. Overflowing with moon magic, playful possibilities, soul practices, we tap into magnetic flow of creation—rhythms of nature. With Winter whimsey & wonderment, and wiseling curiosity, enter the enchanted wilds of Moon Feather Hollow!

It’s the Season of Roots & Bones in Moon Feather Hollow!

Our virtual landscape is an online community — a private social media network with no advertising. The content is highly curated and intentionally designed for creativity, imagination, wellbeing and mindfulness. Posts, articles, links, videos, etc. are posted to the activity feed and tagged with “topics.” You scroll through the activity feed just as you would in any other social media, but with no advertising or noise from the larger human-made world, you’ll be immersed in whimsey, wonder, and wisdom. Beyond the main activity feed, you can opt into spaces with specific focuses and online classroom style resources on topics such as wellness, habits, tarot & divination, crafting, journaling, botanicals, and more. Options for different levels of engagement are available. Join our circle of kindreds for creative exploration of these enchanted wilds — where mythical muses conspire to ignite your imagination! 

What does the Season of Roots & Bones include at each *monthly membership level?

Isle of Whimsey — the playful membership:

  • spiral-dancing through the wheel of the year with Yule/Winter Solstice and Imbolc
  • voting on a name for each moon to inspire our creativity
  • tuning into the phases of the moon
  • crafting in community (river reverie rocks, celebration mandalas, seasonal ink blots and more)
  • mailing magic in the Lunar Society – handmade art correspondence infused with new moon intentions to be magnified by the recipient
  • playfully supporting each other in daily pockets of vitality, making joyful magic out of mundane daily habits in Peppertwig’s Parc de Jeux

Isle of Wisdom — the everything membership:

  • everything listed in Whimsey
  • develop our intuition, divination skills, and love of tea in Lady Isabella’s Shimmerbrook Chateau
  • Wander Society prompts in Fig’s Fern Gully
  • journey with two bountiful botanicals we choose by nomination and voting in Mystic Ravens Secret Garden & Apothecary
  • Time Travel through the Tarot
  • new muse inspired imaginalchemy & spiral sparkweaving as it is being created by Aimee & Stephanie
  • journalcrafting in Dreamoires of Roots & Bones — keep reading for details.

Dreamoire of Roots & Bones Wild Circle – Dec 20 to Mar 1 

We’re crafting journals that flow from our souls! We embrace winter’s wisdom of slowing down and time for reflection. Honoring the distinct nature of each season we also bring awareness to our shifts in energy and self-care. 

Journalcrafting with the Muses allows deep exploration of signs, symbols, and synchronicity—of ideas taking shape. We call our seasonal muse journals “Dreamoires” because like a Grimoire they hold our magic but they are so much more! They also hold and shape our dreams! Dreamoires are a cauldron for exploring boundaries and shape-shifting our current reality into one we desire.

Our journal crafting combines every kind of journaling you can imagine—art, bullet, writing, junk, gratitude, planning, and scrap-booking. We channel the muses through nature, books, writing, oracle cards, and seasonal living. Art forms may include poetry, collage, paint, writing, zen doodle, answering prompts, gluing in pictures,mandalas, and creativity quests… it all counts! 

We’re making magic and making up words like syllofae & portofae, spiral sparkweaving, and imaginalchemy! We play with the muses as we know wisdom comes through following the path of whimsey & wonder. Explore the archetypes of Deer Mother, Cailleach, and the Triskelion symbol. Play with art, drumming, scribble scrying and invoking the muses. We’ll tend to our selves, pursue unicorn opportunities and find joy in the mundane daily actions that magnetize our vitality…and so much more…

We will be curating powerful small doses so you can engage in a way that is doable for you. Any references we use, be they beautiful books, videos, web links and other resources guiding our journey are not required to buy or read.  Of course you may desire to go in depth so links are always provided. We’ll use a variety of resources as inspiration, but the only content you really need is within your own soul. 

*Monthly membership subscriptions begin on the day of the month of purchase. Recurring payments can be canceled any time, and will be discontinued at the end of the cycle in which the cancelation was made.