Snow Queen & Holly King invite you to cozy up with imagery, music, and festivity under the Midwinter Moon.

They’ve unearthed hidden holiday history. Join them in December for not-quite-daily bite-sized Merry Musings! These diverse seasonal stories, celebrations and prompts are delightful deliveries sprinkled throughout December to sparkle up your scrolling!

Designed to bring wonder, delight, illumination & whimsey as you celebrate the season, this curated variety of media includes imagery, video, articles & links. We’ll explore topics such as Yule, Saturnalia, Christmas, Krampus, Kwaanza, Hygge and more. These musings are sure to spark your holiday spirit as you scroll your favorite device. Then you’ll be inspired to set down your device and engage in the wonderful world of your imagination!

Snow Queen & Holly King’s Merry Musings will be delivered to you via their snow owl, Crystal in the way you choose!

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