Immerse yourself in the elements of nature as you sow Soul Seeds with the Dandelion Faeries!

The Dandelion Faeries urge you to blow your wishes to the wind! They call them Soul Seeds and have designed a wee quest for you with a magical envelope of supplies. It’s a celebration of Sun & Moon, an immersion into the elements of nature, and an invitation to seed your dreams!

Will you embark upon the Dandelion Faery Wish Quest? The full quest instructions along with quest supplies will be sent directly to your mailbox! Each item has been curated specifically to engage your senses and weave nature and the elements together to add magical momentum to your wishes! Keeping a handful of items secret to surprise you, the Dandelion Wish Faeries will only reveal four of them now, in correspondence with the elements:

  • Earth: seed paper to write your wishes on then plant in soil to ground them with the element of earth
  • Water: moon water coloring discs to infuse magical correspondences then imbue your wishes with the element of water
  • Fire: an iridescent butterfly to capture the sunlight and reflect a rainbow of promise for your wishes invoking the element of fire
  • Air: a dandelion charm to hang as a reminder of your wishes in the element of air

When we plant our dreams and intentions in the earth, we are aligning ourselves with the natural cycles of growth and renewal. It’s a beautiful way to watch our dreams take root and grow.

By honoring the changing seasons, the cycles of nature and our own cycles, we deepen our connection to the earth and to each other. What beautiful dreams and intentions will you plant and nurture?

If you can, the New Moon is the ideal time to set intentions because the sun and moon are kissing. The sun represents your heart’s desires and the moon represents your intuition and emotions. Once per month they come together to provide a powerful push of potentiality.

Plant your wishes with actual seeds!

Think about the power, nutrients & energy density packed into tiny edible seeds like sunflower, pumpkin, and sesame! Seeds come in such a variety of shapes and sizes and so do your wishes! Your heart’s desires are the Soul Seeds that we are planting in the fertile soil of our imagination when we set our intentions.

Celebrate the sun feeding and nourishing your growing seeds. The life cycle of a plant corresponds to both the lunar cycle and the cycle of creativity. The seed phase is associated with ideas, wishes, or projects that are ready to be planted so they may come into fruition.

Do you want to nurture your Soul Seeds over the next month, this season, or throughout the rest of the year? Remember, every Soul Seed has its own growth cycle. Some might grow fast, some slow, and they respond to their environment.

These Soul Seeds can be grand or modest, short or long term, many or few. They can be related to relationships, house plans, career goals, creative or playful passion projects. The important thing is that they speak to your soul in a way that sparks and delights you.

The Dandelion Faeries would love to send you an envelope full of inspiration, quest instructions and supplies!