Design, create and infuse pixie besoms with magic! Spellcrafting in a creative cycle we’ll envision our dreamwishes, forage for supplies, craft and infuse plants, crystals, color, and essential oils. Make them as gifts, change them for different seasons, & package them for special delivery! Any season is the perfect time for this self-paced journey of four phases. Each phase is about a week long, but can be flexible.

In the first phase, we’ll stir the quantum cauldron to envision our pixie besoms, forage for supplies, and engage in imaginalchemy, a process of transformation using imagination. An audio of a guided journey will help pre-pave the way of creative magic!

Then, in the second phase, we’ll conjure creative magic and begin to craft our besoms. Five videos include tutorials showing different tools and supplies. Watch as many or as few as you need to feel confident to craft!

Third, we’ll harness the spirit of celebration and infuse our pixie besoms with magic! We’ll work with plants, crystals, color, essential oils and spellcrafting. Using magical correspondences, the steps of spellcrafting, examples in the writing of spells and incantations, plus embellishments which add zing to your spell, you’ll enchant your way to sweeping your dreamwishes into life.

Finally in the last phase, we will integrate the soul nourishment of our spellcrafting. You’ll reflect on the creative process and consider ways to make besoms as gifts, how to change them for different seasons, and how to package them for special delivery!

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