Spring Musings

I captured a hummingbird in slow motion in this 15 second video!

While on a a sunny joyful walk something zoomed by my head and stopped in a tree near me. I turned around knowing I’d see a hummingbird! We hung out together a while, and I got my phone ready in slow motion video setting, and this sweet hummingbird was happy to indulge me! In the Laika tradition of shamanism, the hummingbird represents the soul as one of four perceptual levels—body, mind, soul & spirit—and symbolizes joy.

The language of this level is image, music, poetry, and dreams — it’s the realm of myth, where the soul can experience itself on a sacred journey. In the domain of the mythic, we are all like hummingbird, on a grand voyage and yearning to drink only from the nectar of life.


I’m drinking the nectar of life this spring! My seed arrived in the mail yesterday. We are still at risk of freezing overnight, so I am patiently waiting to dig in the dirt. I’m also thinking about what Soul Seeds I’m going to plant this new moon which happens to coincide so nicely with the Spring Equinox! The lunar cycle and the plant life cylce as well as our creative cycles all follow the same flow. The seed phase is associated with ideas, wishes, or projects that are ready to be planted so they may come into fruition.  New or old, your heart’s desires are the Soul Seeds that we are planting in the fertile soil of our imagination when we set our intentions at the new moon. What would you like to grow in your life throughout spring?

Perhaps reflecting on this during time outside in a Sit Spot might be nice. Here’s a little video peek of my current Sit Spot.

May you drink from the nectar of life this spring and your Soul Seeds thrive!

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