🦉What is Owl Alchemy?

What do the words “Owl” and “Alchemy” conjure up for you? Musing on these words can be a profound contemplation. It’s also the name of our late autumn moon cycle, with perfect symbolism for this time of the year.

Owls, often associated with wisdom and mystery, have long held a mystical allure in various cultural and mythological contexts. In the realm of alchemy, these nocturnal creatures are sometimes regarded as symbolic messengers, bridging the gap between the known and the unknown. Their keen senses and silent flight contribute to an air of enigma, mirroring the alchemist’s quest for hidden truths and transformative processes.

In alchemical symbolism, owls are sometimes linked to the concept of inner knowing and the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment. This has long been another interpretation of the alchemist’s journey—not just turning lead to gold—but to transmute base elements into higher forms of understanding. The owl’s presence in alchemical imagery adds a touch of magic and intuition to the symbolism, embodying the pursuit of esoteric knowledge and the transcendent mysteries of the alchemical arts!

And so, in true Moon Feather Hollow form, straight from the muses themselves, we have a story to illustrate these ideas into something more whimsical that can be more easily applied to daily life!

In the truest spirit of Owl Alchemy, we invite you to create something and post it to social media or send it to someone through the mail to express your creative self AND to brighten someone else’s day!

Of course, we’d love to see it, so tag it #MoonRingCrafting Collective and/or email it to us at magic@moonfeatherhollow.com. If you are feeling extra playful, and inspired by the feathered muse Rumi, send us an image what YOUR owl looks like, tell us it’s name. We’ll make space for it in the Owlery. 😉

Haunted Soiree

I attended a Haunted Soiree—an immersive theatrical production, combined with an old-school variety show, all dressed up as an upscale cocktail party, but with ghosts in attendance! I’m including a photo gallery to enjoy! It was such a fun time!!!

It was held in a historic mansion in Seattle which was built in 1925 as a replica of George Washington’s Mount Vernon home. The house is gorgeous with large open rooms, perfect for gathering. The hosts (an event company called fever) did an amazing job from decorations to actors to storyline. I attended with my husband Russ (you’ll see a picture of us together) and we have decided that we will be making this an annual tradition!

We spoke with each ghost to hear their unique backstory regarding a psychiatric facility in the 50’s. We had to solve murders with the evil doctor as one of many suspects. The characters were loosely based on real life inspirations, including the final days of Grigori Rasputin, the ancient god Veles and other Slavic folktales throughout the centuries. I was especially thrilled to see a mini-play on the stage set with Baba Yaga’s hut.

Are any of you fans of the tv series Umbrella Academy? I swear I met #1 Luther’s doppleganger at the party. No worries if you don’t know him, the key to the story is only that the guy is really tall! Anyway, we were waiting in line on a down direction stairway to get into the next séance session, and he was in front of me. My sense of humor leans a bit sarcastic so I said to him, “I’m taller than you.” (Because it appeared on the stairs that I was. You need to know I am barely over 5 feet tall.) He turns to look at me, quizzically, then straightens up! He had been leaning on the wall prior. “Oops, I guess not.” Then his girlfriend looks at me and busts up laughing as she points out that there are two stairs between us and he is still taller than me. I love people.

We had fun conversations like this with strangers all night long while (both physical and ghosts!) as we drank custom coctails with names like Eerie Eyeball Elixir, Ghoul’s Goblet or Sinister Cider Sipper. Musicians, magicians, and monsterous entertainment kept us enjoying suprises at every turn. The lifesize ouija board as well as the tarot room dividers were amazing!

What are you doing to celebrate halloween season?