Tea Time!

Inspired by our moon theme, Luna and I (and all her critters) have been playing with tea cups and saucers. Little did I know how easy it would be (under her leadership) to turn most meals, bath-time, and sometimes whole afternoons into an Enchanted Garden Party! I just had to get out of her way and be a dutiful guest! 🤣 

To celebrate the Summer Solstice we went all out with a Midsummer’s Day Enchanted Garden Tea Party! It was totally worth the armfuls of supplies. Watching Luna master her technique pouring cup after cup to the brim, clinking cheers before each sip, and being decadently abundant with strawberries was a joy. We did have to move into the shade, and lure Finn over with some treats of his own! 

Yes, we’ve been playing with our Christmas gnomes all year round. And no, I didn’t see it coming that she would would want to continue having epic tea parties every day after lol.

Deer have been showing up lately, with a doe and two fawns bounding across the field this morning. Deer medicine reminds us to be graceful and gentle, especially with ourselves. As a mama, it’s a welcome reminder – that it’s ok to prioritize tea parties over all the other things that need to get done (in my case it’s usually cleaning and organizing!)

Is there any way you can be more gentle on yourself? And weave a bit of playful magic into your life? 

2 Replies to “Tea Time!”

  1. ah, sweet memories of mommahood – foremost, to me, deer and their baby’s speak of home and gentle care

    over decades we have had herds of deer in our backyard, 15 to 21 in any given year

    as our own baby grew and moved away, we have many fewer here

    thanks and blessings on Magic and Luna

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