Dreamoire of Moonlit Alchemy

This book is magic. I look at it everyday. I love it everyday. It makes me feel special everyday. It makes me feel seen and validated. It makes me feel connected to a community of people – it’s like a string that ties us together. It very much feels alive to me, it’s not just a book—it’s a connection. ~Rhianna W.

Absolute Magic!
A must for anyone wishing for moments of delight and wonder! ~Carol W.

This book is the most beautiful, magical thing ever! Superlatives are not something I use because you can’t claim one thing is the best, there are so many things, but I am claiming it. This is the most beautiful book I have ever seen in my life. Between the words and the images, each page has it’s own magic just pulling me in. Each page has it’s own charm and yet they all blend together to create a similar vibe, it’s just so beautiful. The words just resonate with me and this direction that I am wanting to embody. All the words carry me forward. You are having a profound impact and I thank you from the bottom of my heart and my spirit and my soul. ~Col M.

The book is quite phenomenal. The amazingly cool graphics light up your imagination. I’m so happy to be part of Moon Feather Hollow. Thank you. ~Pam P.F.

Rhianna W.

Epiphany Oracle Quest Kit (March 2023)
It truly feels like a gift when you open it. It’s beautiful. It’s this treasure, quite delightful. It’s so aesthetically pleasing, feels good to hold, has a warmth to it but also a gift of adventure! It’s energizing and it feels fantastic!

It will help pull me back into my space. I want to weave moments into my day and more than ever, I need a physical reminder to make time for myself and get back to my path. Instead of waiting, I took a moment for myself. It felt good to do the thing I wanted to do in the moment I wanted to do it instead of putting it off because somebody else in my world needed something from me. Every time I touch something from this box it’s like permission, a little boost of happiness and positivity.

Weeks later:

Once again, this oracle box is so on point. On the new moon I wrote little notes before I opened my envelope “10 minutes a day of time alone” and then when I opened my envelope, I got the card “solitude” – I don’t know what kind of magic you are, Moon Feather Hollow, but it’s working!

Dreamoire of Moonlit Alchemy (June 2023)
This book is magic. I look at it everyday. I love it everyday. It makes me feel special everyday. It makes me feel seen and validated. It makes me feel connected to a community of people – it’s like a string that ties us together. It very much feels alive to me, it’s not just a book—it’s a connection.

Diane W.

Epiphany Quest Kit
An absolutely unique gift that you open not once, not twice, but 13 times. If you’re looking for something special for someone special, enter the world of Moon Feather Hollow through these envelopes.

Moon Mail
Each month I sit with a cup of tea and open my enchanted mail from Moon Feather Hollow. It transports me out of my everyday and brings a touch of magic and merriment. I love to spend this time in a world of spirit and magic. It touches the child in me.

Pamela Pinskey-Fischer

Moon Feather Hollow (March 2021)
This is a delightful magical community of very diverse creatives who are lead by two of the most incredibly talented unique beings. Aimee and Stephanie keep us all enthusiastically involved and interested. Each of these women put endless effort into new ideas. Their enthusiasm never ceases to amaze me. I’m happy each moment I’m able to spend time together there. 

Stephanie and Aimee are the most original creators of online experiences I have ever come across (and I’ve been playing with adventure and creativity online for many years!) They put their imaginations, creations along with much labor and love into an amazing and captivating place(s). Everything they put into it is just lovely. It’s unpretentious, it’s enlightening, inspiring and beautiful to look at and read.

Magical Mystery Box (Nov 2021)
I’m not sure the hows and or whys. But I wept grateful tears for all and each of the amazing beautiful goodies that were gifted to me! Thank you 😊 from the dearest part of my heart ♥️

Moon Feather Hollow (May 2022)
I have engaged in many ‘artistic’ endeavoring sites on the internet and the information you two toss out to the wind of the hollows never ever ceases to amaze me. Thank you both again and again……you both keep me sane creatively I look forward to opening Moon Feather Hollow each morning and day…  

The Epiphany Oracle (March 2023)
Need the perfect gift for a friend who likes magical experiences? Here it is! It’s the Box of 13 Omens (it’s called days but I use it monthly) This is a boxed gift with treasures inside to inspire your feeling and thoughts that may already be swirling around you but could use a little direction. It can easily be used in multiple ways, for 13 days, weeks, months it’s all up to YOU which is another reason I love it so. Give it a try you’ll be nicely surprised!

I love the simplicity yet clarity of the envelopes. The box is inviting and exciting upon arrival and finding all the goodies so nicely wrapped and laid in the box… KUDOS for this idea! I’ve already given one as a gift and the recipient was THRILLED and we as friends are able to converse about our envelopes and experiences. Keep up the good work! The boxes you provide are inspiring, directive, heart opening and thoughtful.

Dreamoire of Moonlit Alchemy (June 2023)
The book is quite phenomenal. The amazingly cool graphics light up your imagination. I’m so happy to be part of Moon Feather Hollow. Thank you.

Amanda Z.

Epiphany Oracle Quest Kit
Beginning my day by opening a little gift of sweet surprises, and ending my evening by writing a reflection of the messages I received were magical bookends for my days. Opening an oracle and omen prompt helped keep me present throughout the day, tuning into the world for signs, symbols and synchronicities. I felt like I was actively weaving magic not only into my day, but casting it ahead in the moons to come. I eagerly anticipate pulling out my messages during the year to see how they are relevant to my life. The other magical surprises in the box were a delight for the sense, and truly felt like a gift of self-love.

Jo M.

Spellcrafting Quest Kit
Thank you for the lovely, inspiring, magical package of goodies I received in the mail today!! ❤️ So much!! 💗💗💗 This is definitely food for creative inspiration – which I need! 💜 The quest kits are very generous and more than I expected 🥰 Thank you! 😘😘

Misty A

Moon Feather Hollow (June 2022)
You help us connect with the younger, happier versions of ourselves.☺️I loved doing burned edges on stationery when I was a kid. It felt so good doing it again! (Why did I stop doing fun things just because I grew up?!?)😅 The Hollow map took my breath away…and stirred my imagination!🌟Thank you for creating this magical program and community!

Cosmic Wonder Eggs (March 2023)
Enjoying garden bathing while doing the Cosmic Wonder Eggs quest!🐣 I love how joining Moon Feather Hollow’s self-paced quests help me squeeze in time for self-care.💕

Jeanie H

I think it is all fabulous and I wonder why more people haven’t discovered it!  It is set up beautifully, and even though it has taken me a while to get to various sections of it, it is wonderful knowing there are more things to discover. I am constantly amazed at all the valuable and inspirational information you two have packed into every single aspect of Moon Feather Hollow. The images are lovely and the helpful creatures you have created, all the animals and pixies and mermaids, etc have really made it delightful. The way you set up the quests and activities is really wonderful with the spark,ember, etc. steps.  I am really delighted with it.

I have made a notebook and have printed up and saved so many pages to re read later. I do get caught up with reading a book or watching something on tv or going to events so I am not always present in the Hollow, but I love knowing that it exists with wonderful things to discover. Lovely thoughts and encouraging magic were woven into these messages. So inspiring, now what the heck do I want to do or be? I guess that is why Celestine the Unicorn was there to tell me anything is possible and Midnight the Moondragon is there to light up and show me the way. I love our myhtical muses. I really love what you are doing and I am happy knowing that when I have a chance I can catch up.

Denise P.

After stumbling into MFH I found a bit of myself starting to bud again: to come to life. My transformation is unfolding. Oh I am overwhelmed with the potential filling of my cup from this group – 🤷🏼‍♀️ like where does one learn this and find time? I am 60 years old and loving feeling like a kid. So much to learn. I am working to empty the “place where imagination can’t roam” so it can be reborn.

I subscribe to citizenship in The Hollow because 🧐 only paying about $1 a day for so much friendship, inspiration, community is really quite a bargain for all the freely flowing love… the energy needed to pull out my new journal and allow my inner creative self liberty to flow.