Dreamoire of Moonlit Alchemy

OMG!!! Awe-inspiring! The artwork is fantastic!!! I’m an age old skeptic, and every page has me immersed! Whatever your passion, devotion, etc, this beautiful book will not disappoint! I cannot say enough about how much I love it! ~Rebecca A.

A wonderful book that creatively names each full moon, provides prompts for each lunar phase, and offers space for personal journaling. Beautifully designed. ~PJR

This book is magic. I look at it everyday; I love it more every day. It makes me feel special everyday. It makes me feel seen and validated. This book feels alive. It makes me feel a sense of community, it’s not just a book—it’s a connectiona string that ties us together. I received it as a gift, and what a truly wonderful gift is has been. Beautifully created, beautiful imagry…I look forward to gifting it to others. ~Rhianna W.

Absolute Magic! A must for anyone wishing for moments of delight and wonder! ~Carol W.

This book is the most beautiful, magical thing ever! Superlatives are not something I use because you can’t claim one thing is the best, there are so many things, but I am claiming it. This is the most beautiful book I have ever seen in my life. Between the words and the images, each page has it’s own magic just pulling me in. Each page has it’s own charm and yet they all blend together to create a similar vibe, it’s just so beautiful. The words just resonate with me and this direction that I am wanting to embody. All the words carry me forward. You are having a profound impact and I thank you from the bottom of my heart and my spirit and my soul. ~Col M.

The book is quite phenomenal. The amazingly cool graphics light up your imagination. If you are enjoying or want to enjoy an Enchanted life that is filled with beautiful dreams, illustrations that take you to far off places in your mind that you wish you could stop and rest in, then consider this book. It’s truly a one of kind book that delves into creating a place for self improvement, envisioning dreams and inspiring creative work on oneself (with oneself). The creators Aimee and Stephanie are one of a kind creators that work together to create The Moon Feather Hollow a place to live a fuller life. This book can be and is a companion to living a more creative, diverse and enchanting life.. Go for it, you won’t be disappointed. Buy two you will definitely want to share it with a good friend…sharing is caring! ~Pam P.F.

I am loving it because it came just as i figured my journaling style 🥰 it is fun to see what we did moons past and to plan for moons yet to come. for anyone wanting a bit of help journaling and/or having fun with the cycles of the moon. & OH THE ART WORK ~Denise P.