Jeanie H

I think it is all fabulous and I wonder why more people haven’t discovered it!  It is set up beautifully, and even though it has taken me a while to get to various sections of it, it is wonderful knowing there are more things to discover. I am constantly amazed at all the valuable and inspirational information you two have packed into every single aspect of Moon Feather Hollow. The images are lovely and the helpful creatures you have created, all the animals and pixies and mermaids, etc have really made it delightful. The way you set up the quests and activities is really wonderful with the spark,ember, etc. steps.  I am really delighted with it.

I have made a notebook and have printed up and saved so many pages to re read later. I do get caught up with reading a book or watching something on tv or going to events so I am not always present in the Hollow, but I love knowing that it exists with wonderful things to discover. Lovely thoughts and encouraging magic were woven into these messages. So inspiring, now what the heck do I want to do or be? I guess that is why Celestine the Unicorn was there to tell me anything is possible and Midnight the Moondragon is there to light up and show me the way. I love our myhtical muses. I really love what you are doing and I am happy knowing that when I have a chance I can catch up.