Misty A

Moon Feather Hollow (June 2022)
You help us connect with the younger, happier versions of ourselves.☺️I loved doing burned edges on stationery when I was a kid. It felt so good doing it again! (Why did I stop doing fun things just because I grew up?!?)😅 The Hollow map took my breath away…and stirred my imagination!🌟Thank you for creating this magical program and community!

Cosmic Wonder Eggs (March 2023)
Enjoying garden bathing while doing the Cosmic Wonder Eggs quest!🐣 I love how joining Moon Feather Hollow’s self-paced quests help me squeeze in time for self-care.💕Our quests from the Hollow are something I look forward to! Self-paced, no pressure and brings out the creativity in us!💕😊 Complete self-care package.💕

The 4th week of Cosmic Wonder Eggs Quest! I had fun cutting, writing and coloring. At the same time, I was musing what it meant to be a feather.🪶Your prompts help me be mindful and creative!💕

The final part of the Cosmic Wonder Eggs quest!
🐣 I love that there is a bonus check-in portion! It has given me the space to assess what happened and to recalibrate the quest path I’ve established.🌟💕🌟 I close this quest with gratefulness and joy.🙏🏻Thank you for spreading magic to this world!🌟Thank you for creating our enchanted community!🌟