Amanda Z.

Epiphany Oracle Quest Kit
Beginning my day by opening a little gift of sweet surprises, and ending my evening by writing a reflection of the messages I received were magical bookends for my days. Opening an oracle and omen prompt helped keep me present throughout the day, tuning into the world for signs, symbols and synchronicities. I felt like I was actively weaving magic not only into my day, but casting it ahead in the moons to come. I eagerly anticipate pulling out my messages during the year to see how they are relevant to my life. The other magical surprises in the box were a delight for the sense, and truly felt like a gift of self-love.

Jo M.

Spellcrafting Quest Kit
Thank you for the lovely, inspiring, magical package of goodies I received in the mail today!! ❤️ So much!! 💗💗💗 This is definitely food for creative inspiration – which I need! 💜 The quest kits are very generous and more than I expected 🥰 Thank you! 😘😘

Misty A

Moon Feather Hollow (June 2022)
You help us connect with the younger, happier versions of ourselves.☺️I loved doing burned edges on stationery when I was a kid. It felt so good doing it again! (Why did I stop doing fun things just because I grew up?!?)😅 The Hollow map took my breath away…and stirred my imagination!🌟Thank you for creating this magical program and community!

Cosmic Wonder Eggs (March 2023)
Enjoying garden bathing while doing the Cosmic Wonder Eggs quest!🐣 I love how joining Moon Feather Hollow’s self-paced quests help me squeeze in time for self-care.💕Our quests from the Hollow are something I look forward to! Self-paced, no pressure and brings out the creativity in us!💕😊 Complete self-care package.💕

The 4th week of Cosmic Wonder Eggs Quest! I had fun cutting, writing and coloring. At the same time, I was musing what it meant to be a feather.🪶Your prompts help me be mindful and creative!💕

The final part of the Cosmic Wonder Eggs quest!
🐣 I love that there is a bonus check-in portion! It has given me the space to assess what happened and to recalibrate the quest path I’ve established.🌟💕🌟 I close this quest with gratefulness and joy.🙏🏻Thank you for spreading magic to this world!🌟Thank you for creating our enchanted community!🌟

Jeanie H

I think it is all fabulous and I wonder why more people haven’t discovered it!  It is set up beautifully, and even though it has taken me a while to get to various sections of it, it is wonderful knowing there are more things to discover. I am constantly amazed at all the valuable and inspirational information you two have packed into every single aspect of Moon Feather Hollow. The images are lovely and the helpful creatures you have created, all the animals and pixies and mermaids, etc have really made it delightful. The way you set up the quests and activities is really wonderful with the spark,ember, etc. steps.  I am really delighted with it.

I have made a notebook and have printed up and saved so many pages to re read later. I do get caught up with reading a book or watching something on tv or going to events so I am not always present in the Hollow, but I love knowing that it exists with wonderful things to discover. Lovely thoughts and encouraging magic were woven into these messages. So inspiring, now what the heck do I want to do or be? I guess that is why Celestine the Unicorn was there to tell me anything is possible and Midnight the Moondragon is there to light up and show me the way. I love our myhtical muses. I really love what you are doing and I am happy knowing that when I have a chance I can catch up.

Denise P.

After stumbling into MFH I found a bit of myself starting to bud again: to come to life. My transformation is unfolding. Oh I am overwhelmed with the potential filling of my cup from this group – 🤷🏼‍♀️ like where does one learn this and find time? I am 60 years old and loving feeling like a kid. So much to learn. I am working to empty the “place where imagination can’t roam” so it can be reborn.

I subscribe to citizenship in The Hollow because 🧐 only paying about $1 a day for so much friendship, inspiration, community is really quite a bargain for all the freely flowing love… the energy needed to pull out my new journal and allow my inner creative self liberty to flow.

Annmaria M

I joined Moon Feather Hollow with the intention of finding connection with my soul through creative exploration. It has truly awakened something wonderful in me and continues to expand in ways that are surprising and exciting! I can’t thank you enough for the magical space you have created and continually fill with all things wonderful and delightful, it has truly changed my life and outlook!💕💕💕💕 I am happy to be a part of this fun community that celebrates and encourages the flow of that healthy, vital energy of creating beauty and cultivating bliss.

Re: Magical Mystery Box
The box is out of this world! I tried to do a video unboxing but it got too long, there were just too many wonderful goodies to savor! My son took a few things for himself. You know he is not usually ever interested in the things that interest me, but he LOVES Moon Feather Hollow and is always interested in what is happening there. I am so excited to start playing with everything – it’s just all so wonderful and thoughtful and I can’t thank you enough! It’s an AMAZING BOX! Thank you so much, it was pure joy and I/we will treasure everything!

Moon Mail
Making Moon Mail is my monthly soul medicine ritual: it is inspiration / creativity / prayer / intentional magic / exploration / community / art therapy / celebration. It is a gift I give to myself, it nurtures my spirit in the most wonderful and fun way, and I am so grateful to myself for making all of the above a priority in my life!

Reciept of Enchanted Garden Party Moon Mail from another Community Member
Is there anything more fun than opening your mailbox and finding moon mail?
“By moonlight there is magic in the stars” Thank you for the bounty of garden party treasures: fairies, gnomes, and magical animal guests to join my party, a beautiful coloring page, a solstice blessing, and Litha spell work reference card, all in a beautifully decorated envelope. I think my favorite is the reclining unicorn collage: “Magic is something you make” – that is the mantra for me! I had a friend over when I opened this, so there were double squeals as each magical item was revealed. Thank you for sharing your joy and magical creativity! I love all of it!

Col M.

Navigational Magic (Oct 2021)
When I was listening to this I couldn’t stop smiling, the music in the background the great thoughts and the feeling of it… the idea that happiness is not a destination it’s a direction. You could knock me over with a feather with all of this, it just hit me. I felt my face smiling, it was so visceral. I felt the emotions inside of me.

Epiphany Orace Quest Kit (March 2023)
I got such a spark and I am just so delighted with this fun idea! You have done it again. This box is insane. I am so wowed by this box. I am so amazed. Thank you for creating such wonder for us to experience.

Dreamoire of Moonlit Alchemy (June 2023)
This book is the most beautiful, magical thing ever! Superlatives are not something I use because you can’t claim one thing is the best, there are so many things, but I am claiming it. This is the most beautiful book I have ever seen in my life. Between the words and the images, each page has it’s own magic just pulling me in. Each page has it’s own charm and yet they all blend together to create a similar vibe, it’s just so beautiful. The words just resonate with me and this direction that I am wanting to embody. All the words carry me forward. You are having a profound impact and I thank you from the bottom of my heart and my spirit and my soul.

Community Members

This online community helps me connect more deeply with my creativity and magic! It’s just so infused with amazing energy. All the techniques I did in my self-improvement journey had a complexity to them but here in Moon Feather Hollow it’s organic — you don’t have to do a tool or technique, you can just be in this space and you are receiving the benefit of this magical energy. The online platform is easy to navigate. The questions, prompts and articles bring the subjects of art and creativity to life!

A sense of belonging. I’m introverted and reserved and usually struggle to share my thoughts and ideas and emotions. But here, I immediately felt a sense of belonging. It felt like I was trudging through a wintry forest and stumbled upon a cozy cottage, where I was ushered inside with the welcome, “Oh good, you’re here! We’ve been waiting for you.”

Carol S.

Wisdom Circle (Aug 2022)
I have to say that if I hadn’t been inspired by Peppertwig months ago, I wouldn’t have started on a path that led me to losing 10lbs, learning to eat healthier, and figuring out how to move my body in some way…every day. My husband has been inspired now and recently started walking with me. Which leads me to our hike today…it wouldn’t have happened months ago or, at least, not as easily as it did today. So! I am grateful!!!

Magical Mystery Mail (Nov 2022)
On this eve, I am considering all I am grateful for…one thing is you and all you are creating and sharing and cultivating in this whimsical home call Moon Feather Hollow. Thank you for all of it and especially for the beautiful card and goodies I received in the mail this week. It came on the perfect day at the perfect moment! You are truly special. Having the Hollow as a go-to during stressful times is such gift! 🎁❤️ The Best Present Ever!!!! Thank you so so much for such an amazing box of goodness…I am taking my slow time to open each package. Amazing and fun! 💖💚💜

Dreamoire of Moonlit Alchemy (June 2023)
Absolute Magic! A must for anyone wishing for moments of delight and wonder! ~Carol W.


I can tell I’m needing more whimsy and magic in my life right now because I teared up just reading your descriptions. Honestly feeling pretty overworked here. Looking forward to connecting with those oh-so-important creativity inspiring and soul cradling thoughts, feelings and images. 🌿