Rhianna W.

Epiphany Oracle Quest Kit (March 2023)
It truly feels like a gift when you open it. It’s beautiful. It’s this treasure, quite delightful. It’s so aesthetically pleasing, feels good to hold, has a warmth to it but also a gift of adventure! It’s energizing and it feels fantastic!

It will help pull me back into my space. I want to weave moments into my day and more than ever, I need a physical reminder to make time for myself and get back to my path. Instead of waiting, I took a moment for myself. It felt good to do the thing I wanted to do in the moment I wanted to do it instead of putting it off because somebody else in my world needed something from me. Every time I touch something from this box it’s like permission, a little boost of happiness and positivity.

Weeks later:

Once again, this oracle box is so on point. On the new moon I wrote little notes before I opened my envelope “10 minutes a day of time alone” and then when I opened my envelope, I got the card “solitude” – I don’t know what kind of magic you are, Moon Feather Hollow, but it’s working!

Dreamoire of Moonlit Alchemy (June 2023)
This book is magic. I look at it everyday. I love it everyday. It makes me feel special everyday. It makes me feel seen and validated. It makes me feel connected to a community of people – it’s like a string that ties us together. It very much feels alive to me, it’s not just a book—it’s a connection.

Magical Moon Mail
It’s so pretty. It’s all so pretty. I just love it. It’s all so beautiful!!! Thank you so much!! My heart is overflowing!