Spiraling through past, present & future with the Major Arcana.

In the enchanted wilds of Moon Feather Hollow lives an oracle shapeshifter--Lady Isabella. She is both woman and cat, and a master of divination. Nestled among the trees at the base of a stone cliff, lies her teahouse--Shimmerbrook Chateau.  

….a place where your mind meets the mysteries and your imagination floats over the landscape of time itself, gaining insight into your past, present, and future. It is into this magical place that we are going to travel together, on a tour around the tarot…

Marcus Katz

Stories, archetypes, and the patterns of life are mirrored in the major arcana of the tarot. The 22 cards, beginning with the fool, comprise a cyclic journey. Many call it the fool’s journey. It’s also a hero’s journey with close connection to the work of Joseph Campbell

How and why do tarot cards provide relevant messages to us? They depict reflections of our own personal stories. The cards portray archetypal themes that run through all of our lives — the plots, twists, and meaning we experience in our unfolding. The exact same cards can provide meaningful insight to different people. How can that be? 

The magic is YOU and the content of your awareness, what you focus upon, and a nonphysical mysterious essence that only you can define. 

Your awareness, focus, and a bit of mystery all works together making the tarot (and other tools) show you reflections of yourself that open your mind and heart. You see something in a slightly different way or with a bit more clarity than before.

Some non-physical part of you interacts with the invisible web and pulls just the right archetypal card out of the quantum soup, and/or, you find relevant meaning in whatever card (or sign, symbol & synchronicity) appears for you. This is how two of you can have the same card and it will have a contextual or personal meaning for each of you.  

The World represents the end of the hero’s journey but it also contains the seeds of a new beginning on a higher level. The hero circles the World and the quest begins anew. He will be reborn, back at the beginning, as the Fool.

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

– C.G. Jung

We’ll spiral through pure potentiality into the material experience, the magic within and the mystery beyond.

For each card, you’ll see 9 different artistic representations. Key word associations, insightful quotes and interpretations for pondering will set the stage for your own deep dive into understanding it’s meaning for you. You will begin to recognize the archetypes as reflections of your own personal stories. These themes run through all of our lives — the plots, twists, and meaning we experience in our unfolding. You’ll look at each through the lens of past, present and future.

Then you’ll go more deeply with a 2nd email focused on the same card — applying the archetype to various layers of your life, drawing additional supporting cards, and potentially tapping into each card as a muse for creativity. Spiral through pure potentiality into the material experience, the magic within and the mystery beyond!

This is the essence of the entire quest: to make what is unconscious conscious. No other creature can do this work, the Great Work of the alchemists. Only human beings have the capacity to reflect upon themselves and perform an act of self-creation by choosing to know, to be conscious. When the Great Work is accomplished we discover we knew who we were all along. The truth was with us from the start, carried so delicately as a flower in our hand. The white rose of the soul becomes the mystic rose or diamond lotus, and we smile with the Buddha and know that we are free. 

~Jessica Davidson

Along our journey together, we’ll spiral through pure potentiality into three distinct essences of being — the material experience, the magic within and the mystery beyond.

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