Time Travel to the Old West

Museums make me feel like a time traveler. My favorite kind are the self-guided, pay by donation, outdoor walk through immersive displays. My kiddo and I stumbled across one such amazing old western museum in Winthrop, Washington. The small town has wooden boardwalks, old-timey building facades, and a real western vibe.

We enjoyed all of the shops and ate a great meal at a last legally operating saloon in Washington before stumbling onto the museum.

The Shafer Museum sits atop a hill overlooking the town. Original buildings, mining equipment, and all sorts of original artifacts are on display.

I found myself wondering what life would have been like in the days of this grand sleigh!

In the print shop I found relics that I recognized from my own childhood when my folks ran a graphics art center. They used an old printing press with antique blocks. I still have some stashed around here someplace. As soon as I saw the display I could smell the ink and my childhood. It was time travel to 1892 as well as 1972. I loved it. I am ready for more time travel adventures!


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