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Our Wisdom Circle engages in the whimsey of play, the wonder of nature, and the wisdom of deep diving into our own creative magic! Your wild circle awaits with a monthly subscription!

Enter a portal into the ways and wilds of a virtual imaginal landscape, Moon Feather Hollow. Here, muses from the faerie realm conspire to reunite you with the seasons and cycles and your inherent creativity. It’s a portal between you and your unrealized dreams, between you and you grandest vision for your life. By taking conscious authority and influence over your thoughts and actions toward your dreamwishes, you create magnetic momentum that illuminates your path forward.

You pick and choose prompts and musings from ALL of our electronic courses, full access to the online virtual landscapes of our Enchanted Wilds, resource libraries, and whimsical spaces PLUS, you journey along with whatever explorations Aimee & Stephanie are learning and creating live! Past bonuses have included a variety of quests, courses, and adventures! You just never know what our muses are going to inspire!

Wisdom Bundle is a monthly subscription for connection with kindreds, building daily momentum, discovering personal treasure, weaving dreams and embracing our unique soul purposes. To get a sense of our magical spaces, here are some descriptions of the kinds of content you can expect to see:

  • Cycles of Soleil & Lune – Sun & Moon Seasons & Cycles – tune into nature’s creative magic. Reflect in the winter, feel energized in spring, become active in summer, and practice gratitude every autumn.
  • Lady Isabella’s Shimmerbrook Chateau – Wildwood Secret Society of intuitive, divination & oracle curious explorers!
  • Mystic Raven Secret Garden & Apothecary – growing compendium of bountiful botanicals, captivating crystals, potent potions and syllofae (alter) sanctifacts (sanctified artifacts)
  • Hollow Social – making joyful magic out of daily life to build mindfulness and momentem toward your vitality, creativity and self-exploration.
  • 365 Daily Musings prompts to spark you. Quietly contemplate them, answer in the comments, take them to your journal or creative space, or ask the people you see every day.

See a full list of the courses included in your membership here. In addition to those which are made available to the general public, our Wisdom Circle is privy to behind-the-scenes courses and experiences, journalcrafting** and deep dives for exploring boundaries and shape-shifting our current reality into one we desire. Monthly membership subscriptions begin on the day of the month of purchase. Recurring payments can be canceled any time, and will be discontinued at the end of the cycle in which the cancelation was made.

The Dreamweavers know there is wisdom in the dark of Roots & Bones, wildness in the emergence of Wings & Whispers, wandering and exploration in the light of Bloom & Balefire and wonder in the liminal space of Mist & Magic. The whimsical spiraling path of this wisdom is the Dance of the Dreamweavers.

*Journalcrafting Dreamoires

Journalcrafting with the Muses allows deep exploration of signs, symbols, and synchronicity—of ideas taking shape. We call our seasonal muse journals “Dreamoires” because like a Grimoire they hold our magic but they are so much more! They also hold and shape our dreams!

Dreamoires are a cauldron for exploring boundaries and shape-shifting our current reality into one we desire. Honoring the distinct nature of each season we also bring awareness to our shifts in energy and self-care. 

Your Dreamoire can combine any and every kind of journaling you can imagine—art, bullet, writing, junk, gratitude, planning, and scrap-booking. We channel the muses through nature, books, writing, oracle cards, seasonal living and the fresh taste of vitality. Art forms may include poetry, collage, paint, writing, zen doodle, mandalas, and creativity quests.