Effervescent Heart Sparkle Quest

Check in with your heart. How does winter’s reign feel to you? Like a cozy embrace with a slow pace? If not, is that something that sounds like relief to you? Do you need a permission slip to simplify and create a bit more breathing room into your life? Where can you add a bit more white space? Is there any way to give yourself a bit bigger margins in your plans?

The winter sun is slowly growing the length of our days in the northern hemisphere. Mother nature is resting externally, and stirring the very force of creation internally. Spring is in the belly of winter. In any given moment you may feel like savoring your winter pursuits, or find yourself delicately conjuring dreams of spring in your imagination. Just as life is stirring deep within the earth, we may be just beginning to feel whisps of excitement about projects and ideas…

It’s exactly as mother nature intended. She inspires us to feel a bit of both… soothed by the white space of sparkling snow, AND activated by wishes for the coming spring. In honor of these vibes, as well as February’s focus on heart, we’ve a quest for you!

Effervescent Heart Sparkle Quest!

Recall a time when you’ve seen the snow or a body of water appear as dancing diamonds by a magical play of light. The play of light can take an ordinary scene and bring it to life with such vibrant effervescence!

Next, think about the other meaning of “light” as in “light-hearted” or the opposite of weighed down.

Now, play with this kind of light in your own life to see if it can bring about some shift in your sense of spaciousness, heart expansion and magic. In other words, play with lightening up until you feel effervescent heart sparkles!

Arranging our daily lives with the seasons and cycles (instead of only linear planning) makes today’s creative sparks “in the belly” become the fire of activation in the next season. It’s nature’s creative alchemy. Our own creative cycles mirror that of nature—seed, sprout, growth, bloom, harvest, and rest.

There still time for slower living in the weeks ahead while our minds are cultivating winter dreams, and heartwish seeds are stirring deep in our psyches. The shift in the season inspires shifted focus, a deeper appreciation of liminal qualities, and a sense of anticipation. The wheel of the year turns, and we find ourselves feeling the urges of both winter and spring at any point in our days.

Enjoy the contrast of full-on snuggle mode with occassional a stirrings of motivation. Perhaps the dust bunnies are calling? The lengthening daylight may begin to show you things needing attention, but you have permission to take it slow. Winter is loosening its grip. Your heart’s desires are beginning to effervesce!

We’d love to read your comments if you try the quest or if you notice any extra magic sparkles!

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